Kaley Cuoco sweats during a bike workout

Kaley Cuoco often shares details about her gruelling workout as part of her commitment to keeping in shape. The “Flight Attendant” actress recently shared a video of a strenuous workout on her “SoulCycle At-Home training bike.

Kaley Cuoco was educated by her sister, Brianna, and her private coach, Ryan Sorensen.

During the ride, Kaley used SoulCycle At-free Residence’s experience setting. This feature lets users watch Netflix or Amazon Prime during their workout. Customers can stream their favourite shows from various platforms. Weighted squats, one-legged deadlifts, battle rope climbs, and stair climbs were all part of the Huge Bang Theory star’s workout. As evidenced by her tweet, “Love my @soulcycle bike, @eqxplus! Throughout our coaching session, we use the free experience setting.

The starlet filmed the workout in the gym of her $12 million mansion in Hidden Hills, a unique area of Los Angeles. Her home gym has a contemporary design. In addition to the SoulCycle bike, her home gym has a treadmill. A VersaClimber, grey cabinets, and a small console table where Kaley Cuoco left her water bottle.

Kaley Cuoco workout in her garage, with specialised rubber flooring and a large door for fresh air.

She’s also engaged in strenuous physical activity. The celebrity demonstrated her great balance by exercising on a blue training ball while using mobility sticks. She has a gravelled area outside where her battle ropes used to be, and after her workout, she can relax in her luxurious home pool.

Kaley Cuoco looked at the camera and said, “That’s more difficult than it looks… a lot more difficult.” She was referring to how challenging the activity was. Ryan Sorensen, her coach, encouraged her to drop the sticks, but Kaley was resistant.

She replied, “Not a… no way”, before letting go of one of the sticks and keeping herself upright and balanced using her body and the other stick. After that, Kaley’s coach encouraged her to let go of the second stick, and The Flight Attendant star maintained perfect balance for a few seconds before gliding off the platform. Her performance was impressive.

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