10 Guys Who Were Lucky Enough to Date Kaley Cuoco

Kaley’s not new to dating, and she’s been with and broken up with her fair share of guys. She doesn’t just put up with any guy; if a relationship isn’t working, she doesn’t stay in it for long. Anyone who was with her would be lucky.

10. Had Luckinbill

Thad Luckinbill is the first person on our list. Thad is a fortunate person to be in Kaley Cuoco’s life. In 2002, they started dating after being seen together in the movie “8 Simple Rules.”

9. Kevin Zegers

Kaley Cuoco and Kevin Zegers have been together before, which fits the idea that she dates her co-stars. They were both in the scary movie The Hollow, and they started dating soon after her breakup with Thad Luckinbill in 2004. This couple was adorable together and worked well on screen. It’s too bad that their great chemistry didn’t carry over to their relationship and that they couldn’t stay together. Kevin Zegers got a chance to date, Kaley.

8. Jaron Lowenstein

In 2005, Jaron Lowenstein and Kaley Cuoco began going out together. This relationship lasted for a great year, but neither person seems to have been changed by it. The pop-rock-singing, green-eyed lover boy was lucky enough to date Kaley, but he is making a big move by speaking out about North Carolina’s marriage laws. His brother might be a member of the LBGTQ community, which could explain why he is interested in and supports gay marriages. We love that he fights for people’s rights and that one of the people he helped was lucky enough to date Kaley Cuoco.

7. Johnny Galecki

Even though we like the American actor Johnny Galecki, that’s not why he’s on this list. In 2007, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco dated while they were both on The Big Bang Theory, a popular TV sitcom. Even though Johnny Galecki has gone on to be in movies like Hancock and is known for his role on the TV show Roseanne, he is best known on this list as one of the lucky guys who dated Kaley Cuoco. We know that she likes to date the actors she works with, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they ended up together.

6. Chris French

You might not believe that Christopher French and Kaley Cuoco dated because it’s hard to find Christopher without his current wife. This rock star dated Kaley Cuoco in 2011, but since they broke up, he hasn’t looked back.

5. Ryan Sweeting

Ryan Sweeting had to be added to the list because he dated and married Kaley Cuoco. They got married in 2013, but about a year later, in 2015, they ended up getting a divorce. At the time, this made us very happy because Kaley had finally gotten married to such a great person as this super cute tennis player. But the reason Kaley thinks they broke up may have been a good reason for them to go their separate ways. Even though it’s sad that they couldn’t get their relationship back on track, he was still lucky to date Kaley Cuoco.

4. Bret Bollinger

Bret Bollinger deserves to be on this list of guys lucky enough to date Kaley Cuoco. He still makes good music, and his tour schedule is always full. He might feel more loved when he sells a million records than when he is in a relationship. Kaley Cuoco dated Bret Bollinger in 2012, just a year before she married her first husband, Ryan Sweeting. It’s also unclear when they started dating because her relationship with Bollinger happened after her short engagement with Josh Resnik. Even though Bret’s time with Kaley was short, we still think of him as one of the lucky guys who got to date her.

3. He was Henry Cavill.

As the list gets closer to the end, here’s the guy we’ve all been waiting for. Henry Cavill, also known as “Superman,” dated Kaley Cuoco. We should say that Kaley was lucky to date Superman for 12 days because that’s a long time. All of this happened in 2012 and 2013. At the time, Kaley Cuoco seemed to be going on many dates. Though they just dated for a short time, we thought they were “super” cute, so we had to include Henry “heartthrob” Cavill on the list of guys who got to date, Kaley Cuoco.

2. Paul Blackthorn

Kaley Cuoco started dating Paul Blackthorne just two years after her first divorce. This relationship got a lot of attention because it was one of the flings she had after her divorce. Paul Blackthorne made a list because she got rid of the tattoo from her first marriage and seemed truly happy with him. The relationship didn’t last, or else the list would have been made, but that doesn’t mean that this one-year love interest didn’t mean anything. It could have helped her get ready for our last guy.

1. Karl Cook

He is the only one who is still alive. Karl and Kaley are a beautiful couple, and in 2018, Kaley married Mr Cook for the second time. Kaley’s father, Karl, is a well-known name in the horse racing world, making this an excellent choice for her. They make their relationship look great and fun on social media, so it makes sense that Kaley wants to show off her new marriage and husband. This is new because she is known for keeping her relationships very private. We’re happy that Karl Cook is one of the lucky guys who dated Kaley and got married to her.

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