Before Big Bang: 20+ Details About Kaley Cuoco’s Origin Story

Sometimes, it can be hard to believe that Kaley Cuoco is 36 years old because it seems like she’s been on television forever! She’s had a few movie roles over the years, but television is where she shines—and she’s had continuous roles on television shows before she was even old enough to vote. Thanks to her sunny disposition and blonde hair. She often gets cast in particular positions, but who knows—perhaps once The Big Bang Theory finally wraps. She’ll genuinely pursue different types of characters to stretch her skills as an actress truly.

25. She Was Born In Camarillo, California

kaley1.jpg (740×846)

24. She Was Home Schooled And Earned Her High School Diploma At 16

kaley2.jpg (740×548)

23. Before Focusing Fully On Acting, She Was A Nationally Ranked Amateur Tennis Player

kaley3.jpg (740×570)

22. She’s Still Super Close With Former 8 Simple Rules Co-Star Amy Davidson21

kaley4.jpg (740×388)

21. She Appeared In Six Barbie Commercials As A Child

kaley5.jpg (740×489)

20. She Loves To Play The Drums

kaley6.jpg (638×541)

19. She Has A Girl Crush On Jennifer Aniston

kaley7.jpg (740×384)

18. She Shows Horses Under An Alias

kaley8.jpg (740×740)

17. Her Last Name Means “Cook” In Italian

kaley9.jpg (740×493)

16. She Made Her Television Acting Debut At Just Seven

kaley10.jpg (740×548)

15. She’s Involved In Several Charities

kaley11.jpg (740×517)

14. Many People Thought She Was In A Fake Relationship With Henry Cavill

kaley12.jpg (628×662)

13. She Doesn’t Consider Herself A Feminist

kaley13.jpg (740×1110)

12. She Dislikes The Sound Of Her Voice

kaley14.jpg (740×493)

11. She’s Open About Having Several Cosmetic Procedures

kaley15.jpg (740×707)

10. She Wasn’t The First Choice For The Role Of Penny—Amanda Walsh Was

kaley16.jpg (740×529)

9. She Almost Had To Get Her Foot Amputated Because Of A Horseback Riding Accident

kaley17.jpg (740×581)

8. She And Co-Star Johnny Galecki Dated For Two Years (& No One Knew)

kaley18.jpg (740×416)

7. She Was Bullied At A Friend’s High School Prom

kaley19.jpg (740×532)

6. She Believes In Empowering Women To Be Financially Independent

kaley20.jpg (740×1052)

5. She’s On Her Second Marriage

kaley21.jpg (740×507)

4. She Won The Teen Choice Award For Breakout Actress Back In 2003

kaley22.jpg (740×1062)

3. She’s An Animal Lover And Vegetarian

kaley23.jpeg (740×416)

2. She’s Always Been Utterly Unapologetic In Love

kaley24.jpg (740×416)

1. She Loves To-Plan Elaborate Parties For Friends

kaley25.png (730×730)

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