TBBT’s Horrible Amy & Penny Painting Pops Up In Young Sheldon BTS Video

The Big Bang Theory’s horrible Amy and Penny painting makes an unexpected appearance in a new Young Sheldon season 6 behind-the-scenes video. More than three years have passed since The Big Bang Theory ended, but the universe it exists in continues via its prequel spinoff. Young Sheldon tackles Sheldon’s childhood in Texas with his family, long before he met his life-long friends in Pasadena.

Despite this, CBS has found ways to incorporate some The Big Bang Theory cast members on Young Sheldon. Both Amy and Howard have appeared on the offshoot via voice cameos. Meanwhile, Kaley Cuoco voiced the fantastical pool water in Sheldon’s nightmare. Given its prequel nature, the writers had to be creative to make these guest appearances happen. This time, however, it’s not a former cast member appearing on the set of Young Sheldon, but an iconic prop from The Big Bang Theory.

A new TikTok video from Missy actor Raegan Revord features her filming a bit with Young Sheldon producer Ansley Rix in front of Penny and Amy’s friendship painting. The clip doesn’t offer any context about where they are, but it’s safe to say the video was shot in between filming for The Big Bang Theory prequel. Fans of the nerd-centric sitcom will remember that the painting was commissioned by Amy as a gift to Penny to celebrate their bond.

Amy & Penny’s Painting Remains A Big Bang Theory Plothole

The painting was initially in Penny’s apartment on The Big Bang Theory, but after she married Leonard, she moved to the bigger unit across the hall, while Amy and Sheldon settled in her old flat. This prompted Amy to give the portrait to Penny, who was still reluctant to accept it, just like the first time she was offered it. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to hurt Amy’s feelings, so she took it, resulting in the Hofstadters hanging it in their apartment. Not long after, however, the painting was supposedly back with Sheldon and Amy, and it remains uncertain where it really is by the show’s end. Admittedly, the detail was too small for The Big Bang Theory finale to address, but it would have been great for fans if CBS gave a definitive answer about its location.

While Bialik and Cuoco both made guest stints on Young Sheldon, the latter hasn’t appeared as her The Big Bang Theory character. She is one of the remaining three Pasadena gang members who haven’t joined Sheldon’s potential autobiography project, the other two being Leonard and Raj. Given this, it’s curious if she will ever voice Penny on Young Sheldon. This is particularly interesting in light of the recent revelation that a rift developed between Cuoco and Jim Parsons in the wake of The Big Bang Theory’s cancelation.

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