The Big Bang Theory: Things Only Die-Hard Fans Know About Show

There are lots of things fans know and love about The Big Bang Theory, from all the lyrics of the iconic theme song to every character’s catchphrase, like Sheldon’s “Bazinga!” However, some fans go beyond the surface of what each episode shows and dig deeper into their favourite sitcom to find out more about it and the characters they love.

The Show Had Two Pilot Episodes

TBBT-Official-pilot-versus-unaired.jpg (740×370)
The show’s official pilot episode aired in 2007 and launched the wacky world of Sheldon, Leonard, and their nerdy friends. However, not every fan knows that before the episode that introduced them to Penny during her first meeting with the guys, there was another pilot that didn’t make it to the screen.

Mayim Bialik Actually Has A Ph.D. In Neuroscience

Amy-Fowler-Big-Bang-Theory.jpg (740×370)
Most of the core characters on The Big Bang Theory had a background in science, with a majority of them holding Ph.D.’s in their respective fields, apart from Howard who was always teased by Sheldon for only having a Master’s. Beyond the screens, however, only Mayim Bialik (who plays Amy) has a Ph.D. in neuroscience, similar to her character on the show.

Leonard & Penny Both Proposed To Each Other Three Times

Penny-and-Leonard-Hofstadter-wedding-in-The-Big-Bang-Theory.jpg (740×370)
The iconic Leonard and Penny love story is one of the most prominent storylines throughout the show, from season 1 until the finale. They went from simply being neighbours across the hall to being married and expecting their first childbirth, lots of drama in between.

Raj Spoke Twice In Front Of Penny Without Alcohol

Raj-crying-over-Lucy.jpg (740×370)
For the first few seasons of the show, Raj couldn’t speak in front of women. He later discovered he could do so once he had alcohol and eventually. He could speak to ladies all on his own. In fact, Penny was the first woman he managed to speak to, both, while drunk and without taking alcohol. A few fans will remember that “The Bon Voyage Reaction,” wasn’t actually the first time. Raj spoke to her without drinking first.

Raj Dated Thirteen Women On The Show

Big-Bang-Theory-Raj-and-Howard.jpg (740×370)
Raj’s woes with love were no secret, and out of all his friends. He seemed to be the most unlucky when it came to affairs of the heart. By the end of the show, he was the only one in the group who wasn’t married or having a baby. Even Stuart, who had formerly been his fellow single wingman, was dating Denise. However, Raj’s single status was certainly not for a lack of trying. As fans who kept track of his relationships would know.

Bernadette’s Real Voice

The-Big-Bang-Theory-Bernadette-Looking-at-Howard.jpg (740×370)
Bernadette was known for many things on The Big Bang Theory; from her ability to switch between super sweet and super mean effortlessly to her highly squeaky voice. Her voice was the subject of many jokes and gags on the show. But some fans will be surprised to know it’s actually an act.

The Mystery Of Penny’s Last Name

Pennys-last-name.jpg (740×370)
While TBBT often left certain B-plots hanging, there were also some major plot points that were never explored. One of these was Penny’s last name (her maiden name, that is), which was never mentioned on the show; not even when her family came for her second wedding.

Amy Was Mentioned On The Show Before Appearing On It

Amy-and-Leonard-slapping-hands-in-happiness-on-The-Big-Bang-Theory.jpg (740×370)
While looking for a fourth person to join their Physics Bowl group in “The Bat jar Conjecture,” Raj suggested Bialik, whom he called TV’s Blossom. And “the girl from the Wonder Years,” Danica McKellar — who played Abby, his love interest in “The Psychic Vortex.” It was a fleeting comment that many overlooked until the two ladies appeared on the show.

Each Character Had A Signature Look

The-Big-Bang-Theory-pilot.jpg (740×370)
One small detail that set the characters apart was their dress code. Each had a certain preference when it came to clothing. From Sheldon’s two t-shirts to Amy’s knitted cardigan’s and Bernadette’s cardigans and floral dresses.

Sheldon’s Number 73 T-Shirts

Sheldons-Number-73-shirts.jpg (740×370)
On several occasions, Sheldon was seen wearing a different coloured shirt with the number 73 on it. In the episode, “The Alien Parasite Hypothesis,” he even explained why 73 was the best number.

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