15 Huge Inconsistencies In Friends That Did Not Fool Us At All

Friends is still a great TV show, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its fair share of inconsistencies and plot holes.

Monica’s Apartment Kept Changing

Monica lived in apartment number five at the beginning of the series, while Chandler lived across the hall in apartment number four. But, as the first season went on, producers realized that their apartment numbers would be much higher because of how high up in the building their apartments were supposed to be. So, Monica’s apartment number changed to 20, and Chandler’s changed to 19.

Rachel And Chandler’s Memory Loss

If you go back and watch the pilot again, we find out that Rachel and Chandler have never seen each other before, leading to an introduction. But, later episodes completely contradict this idea because we learn that the two have met at least four separate times during high school and college.

The ‘Die Hard’ Paradox

Joey, Chandler, and Ross are obsessed with Die Hard. But in the season six episode, “The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad,” none of them recognize Bruce Willis when he starts dating one of their friends. This plot hole that producers seemed to embrace because it happened more often throughout the series.

Joey’s Agent

Any Friends fan would recognize June Gable as the actress who played Joey’s agent, Estelle Leonard. But that isn’t the only role she played in the hit series. However, the weirdness comes into play when Gable plays the nurse who helps deliver Ross and Carol’s baby later in the first season.

The Disappearance Of Ben

This happened with Ben (Cole Sprouse), and it was strange because he was Ross’ son that he had with his first wife, Carol. Of course, kid actors grow up and move on to other acting jobs, but there was virtually no mention of Ben in the last two seasons is odd.

Chandler’s Tears

In “The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry,” Joey, Phoebe, and Monica discover that Chandler can’t cry no matter what the circumstances. But, the problem is that the producers and writers must have forgotten about an episode in season three where Phoebe mentions the time when she made Chandler cry so hard that he cried like a baby. On top of that, we also actually see Chandler cry in season four’s “The One With the Worst Best Man Ever.”

Rachel Finkle?

When Rachel is running out on her wedding in the pilot, there is no mention of the name Barry Farber. Instead, Rachel has run out on her marriage to a guy called “Finkle.” She tries to call him to explain why she ran, but she keeps getting cut off by the answering machine. When she calls back, she says that some girl will be fortunate to be Mrs. Barry Finkle.

Chandler And Monica’s Wedding Date

Hi! If you’re calling before Saturday, you’ve reached Monica and Chandler. But if you’re calling after Saturday, you’ve got Mr. and Mrs. Bing! Please leave a message for the Bings!” But, a few episodes earlier, Monica proudly tells the sales lady that her wedding date is May 15th. But, the problem is, back in 2001, May 15th fell on a Tuesday, not a Saturday.

Rachel is Pregnant Forever

Chandler and Monica get married in May, and we find out at their wedding that Rachel is expecting and is six weeks along. But then, later in the next season, we go through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day – and Rachel is still pregnant. Emma doesn’t arrive until the following May, which means Rachel was pregnant for over a year before giving birth to her daughter.

Ross’ Job

When it comes to Ross and his career, the show is unclear if he is a paleontologist or an anthropologist. A paleontologist is a scientist who studies fossils, while anthropology is the study of humans. We all know Ross loves dinosaurs, and his work at the museum revolves around that. So, you would think he is a paleontologist.

Disappearing Ink

The whole point of the episode is that they can’t get the ink off. Ross even calls the marker company to tell them they can’t remove the ink. And Rachel makes them stay in the hotel room because it won’t wash off. But, in the next scene of the season six premiere, “The One After Vegas,” the whole gang was having breakfast the following day, and the ink was gone.

The Foosball Table

In “The Last One,” Chandler and Joey must break open their precious foosball table, so they can free Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. Breaking it wasn’t the only way. When Chandler and Joey switch apartments with Monica and Rachel in “The One With the Embryos,” the boys quickly move their foosball table by simply separating it into two parts.

Phoebe’s French

In an earlier episode, she doesn’t know a word of French. She has no idea what the word “sous” means when asking about a Sous Chef. It’s a simple French word that means under, and someone who speaks fluent French would know that.

Adam’s Apple

“I went out a couple of times with this girl – really hot, great kisser. But she had the biggest Adam’s apple!” he says. But later in the season seven episode, “The One Where They All Turn Thirty,” Joey tells Chandler that he has to take off his bowtie because it’s hurting his “Joey’s Apple.”

Joey’s Fridge

In the episode, Joey’s fridge is broken, and he tries to get everyone to help pay for a new one because of his financial struggles. Next time you watch an episode, take the time to notice which direction Joey’s fridge door opens from. Between episodes, it randomly changes without explanation. It appears that he keeps getting new refrigerators all the time.

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