7 secrets about ‘HIMYM’ that all devoted fans must know

True believers in HIMYM know all of the program’s fundamental “secrets,” such as the appearances on the show by the real-life wives of Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, and Neil Patrick Harris.The guy behind Future Ted’s voiceovers is also not a mystery; who else was upset that Josh Radnor did not transform into Bob Saget as the series finale’s final flashforward began? If you aren’t familiar with these facts, you might not be a real fan.

In the season two finale, there was a real-life wedding proposal.

In the episode “Something Blue,” when Robin discovers an engagement diamond at the bottom of her champagne glass, she panics, convinced that Ted is trying to propose to her. It turned out the ring belonged to the couple at the table next to them in the restaurant. And they weren’t just playing along. Jana Rugan and Timothy Russo, a couple from Brooklyn who was avid viewers of HIMYM, used the aid of Russo’s comedy writer brother to arrange a visit to the show’s set in Los Angeles. Russo’s first intention was to merely surprise Rugan with a visit to the set. As his brother knew someone who worked on the programme. While visiting the HIMYM set, Russo’s brother recommended he pop the question to Rugan.

The Cast Did Not Film Before A Studio Audience.

No studio audience was present during the taping of HIMYM, contrary to the norm for sitcoms using laugh tracks. It would have been too confusing for an audience to follow since the story constantly shifted between the past and the future. I mean, think about how difficult it would be to understand “Subway Wars” or “Brunch” without knowing the previous episodes.

If the show had ended sooner, Victoria would have been the mother.

The closing scene of HIMYM was filmed eight years before the series ended, long before Carter Bays and Craig Thomas could have known how their characters would develop. David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca, who played Ted’s children in Season 1, played Robin’s love interest in the closing scene.

Iconic actor Jason Segel Didn’t Know How Lily Would Inform Marshall About the Death of His Father.


Bays reported to Entertainment Weekly that Segel opted out of reading any of Lily’s lines during the production of the episode’s final sequence. Since he only remembered the last word of her line. “He didn’t make it”. He had to improvise the rest of the phrase at the end of the scene.

Alyson Hannigan’s daughter was fired from playing Marshall and Lily’s son.

My kid wasn’t retained in the position. However, producer Carter Bays said, “Nope. She was replaced because “she’s too elderly.” And I said, “You let my kid go to work for someone else. That’s a form of discrimination based on age, to begin with. Because of her age, I don’t think you have the right to fire her.

In one episode, Conan O’Brien is quickly spotted standing in the background.

In the seventh season’s “No Pressure,” a talk show host is seen walking past the group as they are having drinks at MacLaren’s. Even though O’Brien won a slot on HIMYM through a charity auction. He only wanted a background appearance because the programme occasionally featured some great guest stars. O’Brien admitted that the writers planned to do much more with him on Conan when he was there during an interview with guest Neil Patrick Harris:

The original description of Barney was extremely, extremely different.

Neil Patrick Harris told The A.V. Club that the character of Barney was inspired by a “Jack Black, John Belushi type.” Harris went all out in his audition, mimicking the character’s eccentric mannerisms and even acting out some laser tag and some impromptu body rolling to show how much fun Barney had playing the game. Harris admitted that he knew the casting director, which is how he was invited to the audition. But his dedication to the character is what ultimately got him the job:

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