How I Met Your Mother: 5 Ways Lily & Robin Are The Better Best Friends (5 It’s Ted & Marshall)

How I Met Your Mother is all about heartwarming friendship moments between five friends who live in New York City. While the story is based on the central character, Ted Mosby, narrating the story to his kids on how he met their mother, the dynamics between each of the main characters in the story is terrific.

Robin And Lily: They Are Each Other’s Constants

The viewers have seen Lily and Robin having each other’s back at every crisis they faced. When Lily returned to New York after her breakup with Marshall, she had nowhere to go. It was Robin who hosted her and helped in finding an apartment. Similarly, Lily was always there for Robin at her hard times. One such instance is after Robin’s and Barney’s divorce when Lily said she would be taking Robin’s ‘side’ despite knowing Barney before Robin. Although Ted and Marshall never fell apart, the viewers don’t see them actively supporting the other in quite the same way.

Ted and Marshall: Roommates since college

Ted and Marshall have been having shenanigans since college, which has undoubtedly bolstered their relationship. And since they have been friends for so long, they know everything about each other. They grew together, achieving their goals and helping out the other to achieve theirs. They have matured together, witnessing the other’s relationships, weird hairstyles, ambitions, and hobbies, and continued living as roommates after graduation. Robin and Lily only met in their mid twenties and did not know much about each other’s past life.

Robin And Lily: Relationship Advice

Unlike Lily, who was in a relationship with Marshall for essentially the whole seires, Robin was involved with multiple characters throughout the show. Robin always saw Lily as the person to confide in about her feelings, and ask for advice. Lily always helped Robin, whether it was to get over someone or to confess her feelings to Barney.

Ted and Marshall: Road trips

The long road trips in Marshall’s Fiero bonded Ted and Marshall and made them the ‘best bros’. Ted and Marshall used to drive all the way to Chicago to eat pizza from Gazzola’s, listening to the same song over and over. Once, they got stuck in a snowstorm and spent a whole night in the Fiero. Even in their 30s, they try to recreate the road trips from the past. Although Robin and Lily spend lots of time together, they don’t have a similar custom which involves this length of uninterrupted time together.

Robin and Lily: Lily Sees Right Through Robin

Despite being a close-knit gang, most of these friends would not be able to figure out if the other one is hiding something. However, this is not the case with Lily and Robin. Lily understands Robin incredibly well, and she easily picks up on Robin’s dishonesties with her colorful line, “where’s the poop?”. In season six, Robin was having a hard time trying to move on from Don, her co-presenter. She drunk-dialed Don and hid it from the gang, and pretended that she was happily over it. Lily caught the lie, though, as she knew Robin wasn’t quite telling the truth. In Ted and Marshall’s case, the viewers see them always taking each other at face value and never doubting the other.

Ted and Marshall: References and Traditions

Both Ted and Marshall catch every reference from Star Wars and crack jokes about the franchise throughout the series. They have a tradition to sit and watch the ‘Star Wars Trilogy’ together at least once every three years (otherwise the Dark Side wins). The viewers do not see Robin and Lily following any traditions like this, although the gang has some common ones like watching the Robots vs. Wrestlers match every year.

Robin And Lily: Nothing Can Push Them Apart

While Lily was trying to get pregnant, she was talking about babies constantly. The gang noticed Robin trying to distance herself from Lily when this happened, and on realizing that Robin had lost touch with her old friend Jessica after she gave birth, Lily started worrying if Robin will leave her behind as well.

Ted and Marshall: Frequently Validate Each Other

Ted and Marshall never hesitate to appreciate each other. One of the heartwarming moments for the show’s viewers is when they tell each other that “they’re the best”. Besides motivating each other, the two of them validate each other’s actions, jokes, and literally everything, which is why they never fell apart in the show. The viewers don’t see Robin and Lily expressing this as explicitly in the show.

Robin And Lily: Help And Correct Each Other

Season two culminates with Lily’s and Marshall’s marriage. Lily, being a shopaholic, wanted to get the best wedding dress, and she got to know about a store that had a great sale. Robin camps out with Lily outside the store in the freezing cold to tackle the rush.

Ted and Marshall: Looking For Each Other’s Future

One of the show’s heartwarming moments is when Marshall fires up the BBQ at Ted’s newly bought house. Although Ted was confused about his decision to buy the house, Marshall backed his decision as he knew that it was what Ted wanted in the future, living in that house and narrating his story to his kids. Ted also reciprocates this, giving up his share of the apartment and letting Lily and Marshall start their life there.

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