How I Met Your Mother: Barney Stinson’s 5 Best & 5 Worst Traits

There is a collection of wonderful characters in How I Met Your Mother – as well as Ted Mosby – and they are a massive part of why the show became so beloved and is still getting rewatched to this day. Of all the five main characters, the common consensus points to Barney Stinson as undoubtedly being the very best of the bunch.

Best – Unashamed

In some ways, Barney’s unbelievable lack of shame is a bad thing, specifically when it comes to his pride in his sexual conquests. But, apart from that, it is pretty admirable.

Worst – Liar

It gets established time and time again that Barney is not only a talented liar but an incredibly compulsive liar, doing it consistently in just about every situation.

Best – Determined

Going back to the idea of Barney’s best traits aiding in his worst hobbies, namely his insane levels of womanizing, Barney is a relentlessly determined individual.

Worst – Naive

Barney has an extremely touchy family history, with an incredibly troubling upbringing aiding hugely in how messed up he is as an adult.

Best – Loves His Family

Sticking with Barney and his family, growing up with his mother and brother, only made them pretty tight-knit, and one of Barney’s most admirable features is his love for them.

Worst – Arrogant

Barney’s challenges got mentioned earlier and while they highlight his determination, they also are a significant part of how arrogant Barney can be.

Best – Loyal To His Friends

Barney may treat people he does not know pretty badly, and even his friends with basic insults, banter, and judgments, he is entirely loyal and devoted to his group of friends.

Worst – Judgemental

As mentioned, Barney is very insulting towards his friends, as well as strangers, and pretty much all of these insults are judgments directed towards the various flaws he sees in them.

Best – Cares Deep Down

Barney’s insecurities have gotten talked about multiple times, and those insecurities have made Barney form a tough exterior, with a bro outlook on life, and a whole slew of issues.

Worst – Treatment Of Women

Then again, for most of the show, Barney is the devil. We may love him, and he may be hilarious, but for the most part, his treatment of women is nothing short of deplorable.


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