The 10 Most Controversial Dating Ideas in How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother has always emphasised romance heavily. Numerous programme episodes are devoted to love, relationships, and dating, and the major characters have varying perspectives on the issue. None of them are specialists, however. Throughout the series, each character makes questionable judgments about their romantic relationships.

On occasion, people indulge in unwise relationships with terrible results. It is not always the case that they choose the incorrect mate. Occasionally, they are with the proper person, but they do foolish things in such relationships. Here are a few of their worse decisions.

Barney Pursuing A Relationship With Quinn

Quinn appears to be the ideal fit for Barney based on her words and actions. Nevertheless, they end up breaking off their engagement since they cannot trust one another, something Barney should have known when they first met.

Barney and Robin Hooking Up Behind Ted’s Back

Barney and Robin hook up for the first time in season three after her deadbeat boyfriend dumps her for the third time. The incident itself is OK; they are, after all, two consenting adults.

After only one date, Ted professes his love for Robin.

Ted and Robin did not begin dating until the end of the first season, and the conclusion of their first true night together is a major reason. After a fantastic first date and some blue instrument-related theft, Ted tells Robin, “I think I’m in love with you.”

Marshall Taking The Judgeship Without Telling Lily

Throughout the series, Marshall commits several blunders, although few are romantically linked. In college, he meets his soulmate, marries her, and they have a lovely life together. The relationship is not seamless, though, since it has ups and downs.

Robin Dating Her Therapist

Relationships with one’s therapist are unhealthy. As one person already knows it all about the other, it instantly creates an unsettling power imbalance in the relationship.

Ted Ignored the Issues in His Relationship with Zoey

Ted and Zoey have incredible chemistry together. However, she remains one of Ted’s most despised girlfriends ever. This is due to their continual disagreements about the Arcadian. Zoey desires to save it; however, Ted wants to demolish it to make room for a new structure he is creating.

Ted Moving Too Fast With Stella

After finally getting acquainted, Ted and Stella embark on a whirlwind relationship that results in their engagement far too early. Then, disaster comes when Stella abandons him at the altar to return to her ex-husband Tony.

Barney Cheating On Nora

After impregnating an unknown woman, Barney concludes the series as a single parent. It’s not an awful ending, but he would have been happy had he stayed with Nora. She is perhaps the lady he cares about the most during the series, second only to Robin. She is the one who takes him away from his womanising habits only by being kind and considerate.

Lily will leave Marshall for San Francisco.

Marshall sits outdoors in the rain towards the climax of the first season, despondent because Lily has left him for San Francisco. Her departure is reasonable, as she will pursue painting, a topic she has always enjoyed.

Ted Not Letting Go Of Robin

“There is a reason we didn’t work out, but it wasn’t Germany, and I’m ready to guess it’s the same reason none of your previous relationships in the past six years has survived. This is Robin.” This comment from Victoria sums up why Ted’s infatuation with Robin was a negative trait.

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