Working With Michael Caine Left Its Mark On Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe does not appear to be overly concerned with the quality of his work. Any part that sounds fun can be played by the man who has more money than God. Since he enjoys acting, why not take the opportunity to work with such talented individuals in such a positive environment when it comes his way? The competition for one role is fierce, as many performers are vying for the same roles. A backhand to the face of every struggling actor would be to take his position in the industry for granted. Daniel Radcliffe’s character in “Now You See Me 2” is the son of someone who embodies this mindset more than anyone on his side of the Atlantic could. It’s Michael Caine, of course.

I’ll admit that I haven’t given Jon M. Chu’s 2016 magic heist picture “Now You See Me 2” a second thought since I left the theatre, save to complain that it wasn’t called “Now You Don’t.” Stories about [checks notes] The Four Horsemen do not stick in mind. I had no idea Daniel Radcliffe had such an essential role in the movie.
I don’t mean that as criticism of Radcliffe. He is an excellent actor, and his post-” Harry Potter” work is full of fascinating roles. Walter Mabry, the character he plays in “Now You See Me 2,” is essentially a practice run for his evil, wealthy eccentric role in this year’s “The Lost City.” Two weeks after “Now You See Me 2,” he starred in “Swiss Army Man,” He portrays a farting, living corpse.

‘You don’t have to become a jaded ass’

To put it simply, Michael Caine is a living legend. That’s hardly an understatement, in my opinion. It is impossible to look away when you see him on TV, whether he is a young sex icon or an elderly Christopher Nolan character. The actor has 173 acting credits to his name, and he has three more on the way. He’ll be 90 next year, but he’ll still appear in films. It’s mind-blowing.

With the help of Caine, Daniel Radcliffe was able to see how he might approach his career in a new light:

“As a native English speaker, he was one of those persons I heard talked about as a kid and wished I might be like one day. That is the pinnacle of my ambition. That would be the highest praise I could think of for someone so universally adored personally and professionally. Still going and still having a blast. In contrast to many older performers, he doesn’t come on like, “OK, let’s just do it and get it done, and I’ll go.” He’s laughing, joking, and catching up with a friend. All are having a good time. It’s a truly uplifting experience.”
It truly makes my day to see actors clinging to their passion for the craft and having fun on-site. We’ve all heard of actors torturing themselves and their loved ones for the sake of the sacredness of the art or something like that. Finally, the goal is to create something that will entertain, move, or excite the audience. Why bother doing anything if you don’t enjoy it? “You don’t have to become a jaded ass,” said Radcliffe.

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