7 times Jennifer Aniston Blew Our Minds With Gorgeous Hairstyles

Actress Jennifer Aniston has ruled Hollywood as one of the most talented actresses for more than 20 years now. She has done some of the best movies and her rise to fame was obviously her show FRIENDS, where she played Rachel Green. Who can forget that? People who have watched FRIENDS, will agree that Jennifer Aniston in the 10 seasons has flaunted several different hairstyles. Even today, several of us go to the salon asking for the popular Rachel hair cut. Even after so many years, Jennifer leaves us impressed by flaunting a new, unique haircut each time. From trying out a lob cut, wavy hair to bleach blonde- she has experimented with her tresses a lot and we just love it. If you ask us, she definitely has the healthiest and the most gorgeous mane. We have put together some of her best hairstyles that literally left us speechless.

Jennifer Aniston looks fresh in this blonde, straight hair cut which has been her a signature hair cut for many years now. The length varies each time, but the style has been similar.

When Jennifer decided to tie her hair into a bun and leave flicks on both the sides making her look oh-so-flawless! We also cannot help but mention that her dress is pretty and the hairstyle she chose for it is just perfect.

Another tie-back hairstyle, however hardly any strands of hair on her face. The bun has been done neatly and she flaunted this hairstyle in this sexy black number with dangling earrings.

Haven’t we all tried to get a perfect ponytail just like she has in this one. We love how the crown is a little messy and not flat out.

Here Jennifer is seen in a short haircut with waves at the end and front bangs. Doesn’t she look adorable!

And who does not recognize the popular Rachel Green? Remember when she flaunted this hairstyle, she thought it to be an ugly one. However we disagree because Jennifer, you can carry any hairstyle with grace! This haircut had made Jennifer the hair icon of the 90s.

And this is another one from the show FRIENDS, donning a short, ear length hair cut that has been blow-dried outwards.

Isn’t Jennifer Aniston the most coveted poster girl for good hair? We love how Jennifer’s hairstyle and style in general has evolved over the years. She has never shied from experimenting with her tresses and every time she has, she has nailed it perfectly. This is what we call pure hair goals!

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