A Stalker Once Crossed The Country To Track Down Jennifer Aniston

She’s been through a lot during her childhood and her time in the spotlight, too. But one of the scariest experiences Jennifer Aniston has ever had is probably the time a stalker traveled across the United States in an attempt to track her down.

It happened back in 2010 after the father of the stalker alerted the authorities to his son’s nefarious plans. But luckily, Jen narrowly escaped an interaction with the fan, who headed straight to Los Angeles to meet his idol.

A Stalker Tracked Jennifer Aniston To Los Angeles

Like many other stalker infatuation stories, this one starts with a person who was obsessed with the celebrity in question. At the same time, authorities later reported that the man who was following Jennifer, Jayson Peyton of Pennsylvania, had a history of mental health challenges.

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Unfortunately, the stalker’s mental state likely made the situation even more dangerous for everyone involved.

News reports stated that the man claimed Jen communicated to him “mentally” that she wanted him to “come and marry her.” Peyton had a list of baby names with him, which he intended to use for his and Aniston’s future children, but he also had more nefarious items in his possession.

The man had carved “I Love You Jennifer Aniston” on his car, carried a roll of duct tape and a “sharp object” with him, and was attempting to follow Aniston.

Jennifer Filed Paperwork To Keep The Stalker Away

News reports claimed that Jennifer was “terrified,” referencing the court paperwork requesting a restraining order. The stalker was called “mentally ill and delusional,” and later reports stated that Peyton was being held under an involuntary psychiatric hold.

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Jennifer Aniston was likely fearful for her safety and that of those around her, but there’s also the question of Peyton’s being an apparent risk to society overall. Reports stated that he had planned to abduct his former neighbor, apparently before his infatuation with Jennifer Aniston started.

And while Jennifer was concerned enough to file a restraining order against the stalker, fans have long praised her for having a “forgiving heart” — and not just where Brad Pitt is concerned.

Odds are, she felt for the wayward fan-turned-stalker, even as she feared for her personal safety. And of course, not all fans (or stalkers) have mental health conditions, nor does having a diagnosis (or symptoms) mean that a person is dangerous.

But the combination of factors in Jen’s stalking scenario, including Peyton’s father indicating that he thought his son was a danger, mean she likely dodged a very dangerous situation.

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