This Friends’ Fan Theory Says Monica Cheated On Chandler

Chandler and Monica are beloved, a fan theory exists that says Monica could have cheated on him. Let’s take a look at this theory.

The Fan Theory

It’s definitely true that when fans think about the most popular pair on Friends, their minds immediately go to Ross and Rachel. Some viewers wonder if Ross was good enough for Rachel, as the couple did have a lot of problems over several seasons. Chandler and Monica, on the other hand, had a pretty straightforward romance that involved typical ups and downs and nervous moments.

Friends Fan Theory Says Monica Cheated On Chandler

One fan theory says that Monica cheated on Chandler, which is something to think about since they always had a perfect relationship.

Friends Fan Theory Says Monica Cheated On Chandler

The fan also noted that Monica was a big flirter, especially in a season five episode. The fan explained, “it’s not technically cheating but she did challenge the moral ground.”

The Relationship

Sometimes two characters seem totally meant to be together and it’s obvious that writers will put them together.
Other times, it’s a big surprise. In the case of Friends, Saul Austerlitz wrote a book called Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era and said it was “on a whim” that Chandler and Monica dated..

A Good Couple?

The fan wrote, “it completely ruined Chandler and Joey’s dynamic. Them being roommates was an important part of the show. After Chandler moves out, they barely do anything together. It also removed the Rachel and Monica dynamic but the impact was way less.”

Friends Fan Theory Says Monica Cheated On Chandler

This is an interesting way to see the show. Some fans could say that it’s good that the group changed after Monica and Chandler started dating as that’s just what happens in real life. It’s not always possible to continue to be so close when life gets in the way. Others could also argue that the gang got along so well that no one wanted anything to change.
The fan noted that Chandler used to always agree to whatever Monica wanted. If someone sees their romance this way, then the fan theory that Monica could have seen someone else behind Chandler’s back does make sense.
Whether some fans of Friends think that Monica could cheat on Chandler, or others are convinced that this would never happen, it’s definitely a compelling fan theory to consider.

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