Never-Before-Seen Pictures of Young Jennifer Aniston

These pictures show how beautiful Jennifer Aniston was when she was young, like when she was in her late teens or early twenties. Aniston has changed a lot since she was young, but there’s no denying that she was a total bombshell when she was younger. Aniston was one of America’s closest “friends” on the hit TV show of the same name. She won a Television Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work on the show.

Look at these beautiful pictures of Jennifer Aniston when she was young. These pictures show that she was just as beautiful when she was young as when she played Rachel (although before she had her signature hair, she did look slightly goofy). Aniston has also been in several successful movies, such as “Bruce Almighty,” “The Break-Up,” “Horrible Bosses,” “Marley and Me,” “Along Came Polly,” and “He’s Just Not That into You.” In 2012, she received the Hollywood Walk of Fame star, making her the 111th wealthiest woman in the entertainment business.

1. Jennifer is a member of the Denim Club.

2. In Black and White: Young Jennifer

3. A young Jennifer taking it easy in a dress

4. A picture of a young Jennifer Aniston’s head

5. Jennifer Aniston is young and ready to dance.

6. A Party with Young Jen

7. Young Jennifer Aniston on the set of “The Leprechaun.”

8. A Young Jennifer Learns Something

9. Jennifer Aniston, as a young woman, is a princess.

10. Young Jen’s

11. Jennifer’s Blue Eyes

12. Young Jen is all set for the beauty contest.

13. Aniston’s Smiling

14. Aniston, when she was young, on the set of Friends

15. Jennifer is looking at you.

16. Pucker Up

17. Jennifer Aniston, when she was young, looked pretty

18. How’re you?

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