The 10 Best & Worst Hairstyles Of The Main Characters of ‘Friends’

Although the six friends were characterized by their cadence and wardrobe, hairstyles helped in bringing out their distinctive features. The show’s fashionista, Rachel popularized the voluminous shoulder-length hairstyle, Ross, on the other hand, took a lot of flak for his over gelled hair.
Fans could tell a lot about their favorite character from their respective hairstyles. Phoebe liked her hair long, and Monica dared to experiment with it as often as she could. Since the characters were always changing up their hair, it’s worthwhile to recall the greatest and the unimpressive hair moments on Friends.

Best: Chandler’s Cut From Kathy

Friends-Chandler-Kathy.jpg (740×370)

Besides being a terrific actress, Kathy was a good hairdresser as well. When Chandler’s hair appointment was canceled, she unhesitatingly offered to cut it for him. Funnily enough, Kathy claimed to have learned haircutting at her aunt’s dog-grooming shop.

Terrible: Ross’s Over Gelled Hair

Ross-And-Dr-Green.jpg (740×370)

In Season 3, Ross’s over gelled hair prompted Dr. Green to remark, “Nice hair. What’d ya do? Swim here?” Even though Ross was slightly offended and almost walked out on the brunch, the man had a point.

Best: Rachel’s Lob

Friends-Rachels-Lob.jpg (740×370)

Rachel Green’s character is known for looking impeccably stylish and her fashion sense is still relevant today. Her hair is part of what makes her a timeless fashion icon. Rachel’s hair was her biggest accessory and she took great care of it.

Terrible: Chandler’s ’80s Flashback Hair

Friends-Chandler-Bing.jpg (740×370)

Chandler looked absolutely terrible wearing the ’80s A Flock Of Seagulls hairstyle in Season 5’s “The One with All The Thanksgivings.” As the name suggests, the episode was a collection of events from previous Thanksgivings and in the year 1987 Ross had invited Chandler over to share a meal with the Geller family.

Best: Chandler & Joey’s Cuts From Phoebe

Friends-Chandler-Joey-And-Phoebe.jpg (740×370)

A woman of many talents, Phoebe Buffay could also give people haircuts. In Season 2, not only did she give Chandler and Joey new hairstyles, but she also mimicked the legendary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon’s voice.

Terrible: Monica’s Cut From Phoebe

Friends-Monica-Phoebe.jpg (740×370)

After seeing the guys sport new hairstyles, Monica insists “Vidal Buffay” give her a haircut too. Phoebe initially tries to get out of it, but Monica persists and so the two walk into Monica’s room to get the process started. There’s a slight mishap and things don’t go very well.

Best: Phoebe’s Curly Hair

Phoebe-Buffay-Season-1.jpg (740×370)

The main characters on Friends debuted with stellar hairstyles. Joey sported a deep side part with loose strands at the front, Rachel’s bouncy layers of hair became a phenomenon. Other characters on the show did not disappoint either.

Terrible: Ross’s Perm

Ross-Geller-Friends.jpg (740×370)

In another flashback episode, this time from season 2, Ross disappointed fans once again with his unkempt hair. As it’s seen, the gang gathered in Monica’s living room to watch her and Rachel’s prom video that Jack Geller had recorded.

Best: The Rachel

Friends-Jennifer-Anistons-The-Rachel.jpg (740×370)

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle created quite a stir back when she wore in on the first two seasons of Friends. The voluminous shoulder-length cut with long layers had become a favorite request at hair salons during the ’90s.

Terrible: Monica’s Cornrows

Friends-Monica-Chandler.jpg (740×370)

Monica’s hairstyle in “The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss” reeks of outright cultural appropriation. In order to fight Barbados’ humidity, she decides to “fix” her hair by adorning it in cornrows with beads and shells. The whole situation is outrageous, and insensitively played for laughs on the show and it’s particularly vexing to see Chandler’s offensive reaction to the hairstyle.

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