7 ways Jennifer Aniston makes 53 look 31

How old  Jennifer Aniston? Is a question we often ask when we’re having another Sunday Friends marathon. Unlike Edward Cullen, Dorian Gray and Jennifer Lopez, Jen does not age.

Our favourite actress was 53 in February 2022, and we can barely tell the difference between how she looks now compared to how she looked in her Rachel days, and we want to know why.

From swapping coffee for a glass of celery juice every morning to splashing her face with cold water and having infrared light therapy sessions to improve collagen production, Jennifer is as disciplined with her beauty rituals as she is with her diet and exercise routine.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Jen’s top beauty tips which cover everything from how she manages to keep her iconic hair so long, blonde and in such good condition, to the self-care and wellbeing rituals she practices to help both her mind and body stay healthy.

We can’t promise you’ll follow them (don’t know about you but it takes all our might to cleanse our face, let alone splash it with ice-cold water 25 times), but don’t say we didn’t share them with you.

Now where’s that celery….

Just one look at Jen and I know she’s a woman that has more dedication, willpower and self-control than I’ll ever have. It’s not just in terms of her diet and exercise, in an interview with Vogue she shared the one tip she always follows every morning. “Get a bowl of ice water and splash your face 25 times. It’s an old school trick that Joan Crawford used to do—it just wakes your skin up.” Forgive us Jen if we don’t employ that one immediately.

Infrared light therapy is known to have many benefits including boosting overall circulation, as well as improving skin texture and collagen production. Lady Gaga is such a fan that she has an infrared sauna in her house to help with her chronic pain from fibromyalgia. It’s no surprise then, that in an interview with Shape, Jen shared her love for light therapy. “I have an infrared sauna that I fell in love with,” she explained. “My friend Courteney Cox-you may know her-had a portable infrared sauna that you go into. It kind of looks like a little igloo. It’s such a game changer in terms of your skin detoxification and cell rejuvenation. So that I do a couple times a week right after I do the gym. I’ve noticed a real change in my energy, and my sleep, and my skin.”

Jen has had a signature look since her Friends days and if you ask us, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In her interview with Marie Claire she shared her go-to look. “I like to keep my daytime makeup really minimal. A pinky nude lip, a coat of mascara and maybe some cream blush,” she said. Unlike my bulging handbag, Jen keeps her routine streamlined. “If I could only have five makeup products in my bag, they would be mascara, lip balm, a good lipstick. I like Charlotte Tilbury’s Lipstick in Penelope Pink, Clé de Peau Beauté concealer and a rollerball of one of my fragrances.”

At 51 years old, Jennifer has achieved the impossible: she’s never had a bad hair day, or at least there’s no photographic evidence of one. While she’s dabbled with shorter styles, on the whole Jen has stuck to her signature look: long, layered and highlighted. In an interview with Marie Claire she shared that she’s managed to keep it that way thanks to avoiding excessive heat styling by air drying regularly and using an Olaplex hair mask once a week.

Self-care comes in many forms and Jen practices all of them. Sunday’s are her spa day, “I usually do a little mini facial time where I just give myself a good scrub and use a mask,” she told Shape. Her self-care rituals also extend to her diet and exercise routine, as she explained to Vogue. “It’s just about making time to prepare. I bring in my own healthier options so I’m not snacking on junk food. I wake up 20 minutes earlier to get in a work out and some meditation. It’s kind of easy, I don’t even think about it any more.”

In an interview with Allure, Jennifer shared that her morning routine always involves a glass of celery juice. “In the last year, I’ve been doing celery juice first thing in the morning, but you have to wait a half hour [to eat], so that’s when the meditation happens. I have to force myself not to go right to my coffee.” Celery is packed with vitamin K which is good for circulation and reducing stress levels, which is surely needed when you live and work in Hollywood.

In every single interview, Jen has shared that her number one skincare tip is keeping things simple and not overloading your face with products. “I don’t over wash my face because you don’t want to strip away too much,” she told Allure. “Then I just put on nourishing things I feel are as organic as possible.”

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