Kaley Cuoco Impresses In Rope-Training Workout

Kaley takes flight with an intense workout routine that promises to burn calories!

Kaley Is Serious About Her Workouts!

As the star of The Flight Attendant, Kaley Cuoco clocks many views every time she shares her workout videos on Instagram. What many people may not know is that Cuoco was a serious athlete back in the day, nearly turning professional as a tennis player before she hit the big leagues as an A-list actress. These days, she is known for her acting skills but, she is reminding fans that she still has mind-blowing body stamina as a result of her exercise routine. Kaley loves performing various cardio workouts and strength moves. One of her most popular workouts is a short 100-second jump rope workout.

No Train, No Gain!

According to Ryan Sorensen (Kaley’s trainer), the actress’ best workouts are those that challenge her. The more she can get out of a workout, the better, and Kaley understand that sometimes she needs a little push to serve as a motivator. Since Ryan is a friend and knows her as a person who doesn’t mess around with her workout, he provides the push Kaley needs to take it to the next level. In most of her Instagram videos, she works out on various high-end cardio equipment, including a rowing machine and a stationary bike.

Are You Ready To Jump?!

Jump It Out is her new cardio workout video, and she terms it as her newest obsession during quarantine. “My newest obsession during COVID/quarantine! All you need is 20 minutes, a jump rope, and good music!” she captioned her post. In the video, she can be seen wearing a workout skirt, sports bra, and a face mask.

The video shows her jumping backward, practicing footwork, doing crisscrosses and high knees. She starts by simply jumping rope and then takes it to the next level. From there, she crisscrosses her arms and jumps forward, then jumps backward. Next, Kaley performs high knees then turns around. She repeats the same process consecutively. Watching the process, it is clear that Cuoco’s dedication to working out is paying off in a big way!

Kaley Cuoco’s workout is not just about jumping a rope; but it is how she mixes it up. In another video, she performed a seriously intense workout alongside her sister Briana. She can be seen doing jumps, footwork, stair excises, jumping rope, yep, and stationary bike. Now that is dedication!

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