4 New (and Easy) Hair Ideas to Steal From Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has always been one of my style icons. She always looks so fabulous, and her hair is always on point. Recently, she’s been rocking some hairstyles that are super easy to copy. Here are four of my favourites:

Marley & Me Los Angeles Premiere

©Photos: Getty Images/WireImage.com

This style is perfect for those days when you just can’t be bothered to wash your hair. Just throw it up into a bun and let some strands fall out around your face. So easy and yet so chic!

Pony Up

©Photos: Getty Images/WireImage.com

Ponytails are in Jen’s comfort zone: They’re supereasy and look great on her. When she’s wearing black tie, a ponytail lightens the whole look. And no matter how I style it, she always pulls out a few more strands when I’m done. He’s Just Not That Into You L.A. PREMIERE The ponytail counterbalanced Jen’s structured Burberry tuxedo. To create it, I blew out her hair, parted it far to the side, pulled it straight back, and secured it in the middle of her head. I let her bangs fall over to one side and swoop across her face.

Marley & Me Press Conference in Rome

©Photos: Getty Images/WireImage.com

I had given Jennifer a really smooth, sleek blowout in Paris the day before, so by the time we arrived in Rome her hair was soft but not too fluffy— perfect for pulling back. Ponytails are ideal for jet-lag hair, since she doesn’t have to sit through a lengthy blow-dry. We went to one of my favorite restaurants that evening for dinner, Dal Bolognese in Piazza del Popolo—and yes, her ponytail held up the whole time.

2009 Academy Awards

©Photos: Getty Images/WireImage.com

I blew out her hair using a big round brush on the bottom layers and around her face, then switched to a small round brush at the crown. This gives a more natural texture than a curling iron. The thick braid was Jennifer’s idea and was so simple: I created a French braid on one side of the hairline, pulled some hair over it, and pinned the end down low so it was hidden. After the Oscars, I read what people were saying about her hair— something I never do—and they either loved it or hated it. I got sensitive about the criticisms, but Jennifer said, “Who cares what people thought? I loved it.”

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