Dua Lipa and her velvet boots are all that 2022 needs

Dua Lipa has managed to position herself as a true style muse. He’s set the trend for 2000s jeans with t-shirts, normcore sneakers have had his personal stamp, and over the course of the year he’s given prominence to cowboy boots, a design that was reserved for the rodeo, and now everyone wants to wear it. .

It’s no secret that British singer Dua Lipa trends everything she touches and wears. When she walks the streets of London or Los Angeles, she becomes the inspiration of any generation. However, when she is on stage she promises many things.

The lights come on and each of their songs echo. But, in reality, it is her outfits that attract attention. During his Future Nostalgia tour, electrifying jumpsuits have taken a stand, and for his Canadian stint he didn’t want to push them away, rather he maximized them with velvet boots we need to talk about.

The One Kiss singer attended the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival in Montreal, Quebec, wearing an animal print jumpsuit with transparencies signed by ANDREĀDAMO. The piece is a commemoration of the irreverent and sensual aesthetic that will identify autumn. Although it has been a design that has characterized her latest presentations, this time she gave it an attractive twist, as if it were a proposal from Cher. To do this, she combined some trendy velvet boots. Velvet? That’s right, the sumptuous textile moved away from clothing to give life to the universe of footwear.

The styling of the artist was in charge of Lorenzo Posocco, her head stylist, who has managed to transform current fashion. Let’s see now, although the electric colors are taking sides, the boots were chosen in gray, a hue that is beginning to be part of our preferences. Thanks to their timeless base, they are perfect for achieving a flattering visual effect.

Expert statements have moved away from leather boots, to make way for futuristic models. Velvet, for example, was one of the risky textures that made the difference. This fabric may seem difficult to wear, however, Dua Lipa agrees otherwise. To wear it exactly, it will be enough to combine it with a lower garment that is within your color palette.

Like the representative of pop music, creative directors have given velvet boots a long life. From low to high heels, these will be the designs that will mesmerize your wardrobe.

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