Young Sheldon Season 6 Creates A New Big Bang Theory Plot Hole

Young Sheldon season 6 fall finale created a brand new The Big Bang Theory plot hole, and this time, it’s about how it depicts Sheldon. It’s no secret that Young Sheldon has problems maintaining The Big Bang Theory’s established continuity. Aside from contradicting narrative details, the prequel tends to feature what appears to almost be a different version of the Coopers. This issue particularly plagues George and Missy, but Sheldon has also become a victim of this issue. Young Sheldon season 6 presents an iteration of the boy genius who makes choices that are uncharacteristic of him, resulting in the creation of a new The Big Bang Theory plot hole.

Ever since Sheldon started college at East Texas Tech, his personal arc has been separated from the rest of the Coopers. This has benefits as it allows the show to focus on its lead character without him getting lost in his family’s issues. However, it also has some drawbacks as his arcs are sometimes aren’t as compelling as his family’s arcs are. On occasion, this makes Sheldon the worst part of Young Sheldon, which isn’t a good look. The episode “Legalese And A Whole Hoo-Ha” rectifies a part of this issue, but it resulted in a different problem.

Sheldon’s University Story In Young Sheldon Is A TBBT Plot Hole

In Young Sheldon season 6 episode 8, George and Mary get involved in Sheldon’s attempt to make a grant database, which became much more complex than it already is because of other people’s vested interests. After realizing that the school is taking advantage of Sheldon, George and Mary hire their own lawyer to sift through the contract. Throughout all of this, Sheldon becomes a willing bystander who doesn’t seem to care about any of the binding documents which massively contradicts his The Big Bang Theory version. Sheldon loves legal documents, that’s the reason why he created The Big Bang Theory’s Roommate Agreement with Leonard and eventually a Girlfriend Agreement with Amy.

Given this, it’s uncharacteristic for the boy genius not to care about his own contract. Even if he didn’t care about the financial aspect of it, he was still too indifferent to it. If this was The Big Bang Theory’s version of Sheldon, he would have sifted through the documents just to find out the specific details laid out in it. What makes this Young Sheldon plot hole worse is the fact that the episode even made highlighted Sheldon’s love of contracts in its intro, so it doesn’t make sense why the genius would be unconcerned about a legal document that involved him.

Young Sheldon Keeps Contradicting The Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon has created many TBBT plot holes. It continues to be plagued by its contradicting depiction of the Coopers. Understandably, however, sometimes CBS has no choice but to contradict The Big Bang Theory’s established canon to tell great Young Sheldon stories. Sadly, this isn’t the case with regard to Sheldon’s latest storyline. In fact, the Young Sheldon season 6 fall finale would have been far more interesting if the spin-off opted to focus on his love of contracts instead of portraying him differently which only resulted in a new The Big Bang Theory plot hole.






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