Alexandra Daddario on Her New Aerie Campaign, Fashion Philosophy and Love of a ‘Really Great Bra’

Alexandra Daddario is keeping it real this summer. The Emmy-nominated actress joins Aerie’s empowering new We Are Real campaign — alongside Selma Blair, Kelsea Ballerini, Danielle Brooks and more industry tastemakers — to celebrate the comfortable and colorful SMOOTHEZ by Aerie collection. Daddario says that this partnership with Aerie aligns perfectly with her pursuit of authentic confidence and love of comfortable clothes.

“I believe in being comfortable in our own skin, not putting pressure on ourselves or the way that we look and accepting ourselves as we are,” Daddario, 36, tells PEOPLE. “I think it’s so wonderful that Aerie is a brand that doesn’t photoshop their models, and they promote just being yourself and being confident and comfortable in your own skin.” The White Lotus star says that the SMOOTHEZ “anti-shapewear” shapewear stands out from other collections and brands.

“It’s not shapewear, it doesn’t change the way you look, it’s like a second layer of skin,” she shares. “It has fun colors and layering, and it’s stylish while also making you feel just like yourself.” She added, “I believe in that in everything — even exercise and what you eat — being easy on yourself and going with how you feel. I think that’s a really important message to send people.”

Comfort is key for Daddario, who reveals that she feels like her most confident, truest self when wearing sweats. “If you look at any paparazzi photos of me, most of the time I’m in really comfortable clothes — sometimes my PJ’s walking my dog,” she jokes. “I think that if you feel comfortable, that’s when you’re going to feel like yourself and the most confident. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to look good and feel good.” While comfortable pants are a must-have for the Baywatch actress, nothing tops a “a really great bra that isn’t too tight.” “I have bigger boobs, so it’s like making sure that you feel like you’re being held in but also not like you’re being squished, or flattened or super uncomfortable and can’t breathe,” she tells PEOPLE. “That’s why I love the SMOOTHEZ bras.”

Daddario adds that she looks for a bra that “feels like you’re not going to fall out and you’re not going to be uncomfortable, especially if you’re flying. I fly all the time and I want to make sure I’m wearing a comfortable bra, so I’m not getting off the plane feeling like I’ve been smothered for eight hours.” Out of the entire SMOOTHEZ collection, Daddario revealed her favorite piece is the crop top bralette. “It’s this really cute little crop top that comes in different colors and patterns. Then, you can wear a wireless bralette, like something super comfortable underneath, and layer them,” she said, adding “It’s just a really fun set of pieces.”

The newlywed even looked for comfort when it came to her wedding dress, admitting that the third dress she tried on “felt like New Orleans, it felt comfortable and it just was a really perfect fit.” Daddario married film producer Andrew Form in New Orleans in June, and the bride did so in a silk wool gown by Danielle Frankel. The dress, called the Scarlet and retailing for $9,990, is pleated silk wool with lace appliqués, spaghetti straps and a tulle train, making it light and breezy enough for the New Orleans weather. It paired seamlessly with Form’s Brunello Cucinelli pinstripe suit.






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