Robert Pattinson’s Team Rushed In To End His Radio Interview When Kristen Stewart Was Brought Up

Ryan Seacrest has made a fortune thanks to his hosting skills. However, not every interview has gone to plan. In fact, while promoting The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Seacrest’s interview with Robert Pattinson came to an abrupt end, after a certain topic was brought up, one his team wanted no part of.
We’ll take a look back at the interview and why Pattinson’s team stepped in. In addition, we’ll take a look at other celebs that walked out of their interviews, including Selena Gomez and Cameron Diaz.

We’re also going to take a look at the reaction of the fans, as nearly 2 million viewers watched the moment on YouTube. For the most part, fans praised Robert Pattinson for keeping his cool and making things light, despite what could have been a much more awkward situation.
It Wasn’t The First Time A Team Stepped Into An Interview To End Things Early
Protecting the image and privacy of a celebrity is a major part of the PR team and why they are hired in the first place. Prior to most interviews, PR teams issue out certain topics that should not be discussed in an interview. However, time and time again, we’ve seen that to not be the case.

Personal questions especially can get very awkward. We saw that with Selena Gomez, who hung up on her live interview after the topic of Justin Bieber was brought up. Clearly, her team wanted no part of that topic, and neither did Gomez.
On the flip side, we’ve seen inappropriate topics get brought up, causing the abrupt end to an interview. Cameron Diaz is an example, as she lost her cool when best friend Drew Barrymore’s past problems with addiction were brought up. Following the comment, the interview was never the same, and it would also end earlier than expected.
Diaz had fired back at the interviewer, saying “I’m sure, Kyle, you’ve never been through a drug phase, have you? Or alcoholism or anything like that? Pretty clean… always did it right? Congratulations.”
Shorty after, the interview came to a complete end.

Turns out, Robert Pattinson faced a similar awkward dilemma while talking to Ryan Seacrest.

Robert Pattinson’s Team Ended The Interview When Ryan Seacrest Brought Up The Kristen Stewart Drama
We really feel for Robert Pattinson during this interview, as he had just greeted several fans, and was thrust into the interview immediately.
As he enters the interview with Ryan Seacrest, his team makes it clear, he only has two minutes for the interview.

Things started off well, with Seacrest praising Pattinson for his newfound success. Pattinson at the time was riding the wave of Twilight’s popularity, with his press tour coming to an end.
Unfortunately, things would come to an awkward end, as Pattinson was asked about his co-star, Kristen Stewart. Following the question, his team immediately stepped in, and told the actor to leave the interview.

Credit to Pattinson who handled the moment as best as possible, looking in his gift back and avoiding any further awkwardness.

Ryan Seacrest looked stunned by the entire ordeal, stating that it was the first time that he’d ever been cut off.
Fans Applauded Robert Pattinson For His Reaction Towards The Question
The moment was viewed by over 2 million fans on YouTube. Fans had a lot to say, with over 1,000 comments on the video. For the most part, the most liked comments credited Robert Pattinson and the way he conducted himself, despite the awkwardness of his team stepping in and ending the interview.

“Love that his publicist is freaking out and he’s just laughing it off and getting distracted by gift bags. Bless him,” one fan wrote.

Another fans credited his team for stepping in at the right moment.

“LOVE HER. She is my hero. She was like, let’s get him out of here. Then Ryan asked the love question and that’s when she had it with Ryan. Now we really need to get him out of here. I told you Ryan, no personal questions. She’s the best.”

Despite the interview ending on a sour note, there were no hard feelings between the two. In addition, Pattinson would work another interview alongside Seacrest, on his radio show, Live with Ryan Seacrest.






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