How ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Earns And Spends Her $100 Million Fortune

Penny from Big Bang Theory is iconic when it comes to the memorable role in the sitcom series. Best known for her roles in long-standing sitcoms, the Big Bang Theory and the Flight Attendant, Kaley sits on an enormous pile of fortune. In 2018, she earned over $24.5 million through her endorsements. An iconic face for brands like Toyota, Smirnoff, and Marshalls, the estimated earnings from each ad was approximately $2 million.

Estimated at a cool $100 million, Kaley Cuoco earns additional income from royalties and brand endorsements. Her accumulated wealth from the sitcom Big Bang Theory stands at approximately $160 million.

8 . Earns: Acting Career ($160 Million)

The famed sitcom’s first episode aired on CBS channel in 2007. The pretty actress collected $60,000 per episode during this period. The same payment structure continued till 2009. After 63 episodes, the final earnings were estimated at $3,780,000 million for three seasons. As the show’s popularity increased along with the craze for each character among the audience, her pay went up to $200,000 per episode. By the end of season four, it was a whopping $4.8 million in wealth in total.

The show, by then, was a staple hit among regular TV viewers. From season five to season, her earnings tripled. It was $250,000, $300,000, and $350,000, respectively, each season. By seasons eight and nine, with 72 episodes and backend deals, the estimated fortune crossed $1 million per episode, and by the end, she walked away with $ 90 million in 2015. For the final two seasons, by agreeing on a pay cut, her earnings were still over $43.2 million with $900,000 per episode. According to Forbes, Kaley was consecutively named the second highest-paid TV actress in 2017 and 2018.

7 . Spends: Real Estate ($7.5 Million)


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She got married to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2013. The lovey-dovey couple bought a mansion in Sherman Oaks for a whopping $2.9 million. At 5,233 square feet, the home had five bedrooms and a bath. The Tuscan-styled estate was ideal for indoor and outdoor entertainment with an eat-at-bar, a spectacular swimming pool, and a spa. According to LATimes, they sold the mansion for $2.565 million after their tragic divorce in 2014.

Jumping onto the bandwagon of the Kardashian, the sultry actress spent lavishly on an exotic mansion formerly owned by Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. The luxuriously spread property has an infinity pool, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, highlighted ceilings, innovative home technology, a six-park garage, private gardens, and a gated community. It stayed occupied for five years and sold at $4.9 million again after coming up on the real estate market this year.

6 . Earns: Yes, Norman Productions ( $50 Million)

In 2017 Kaley established her own TV production company, Yes, Norman Productions. It since then has produced an adult animated series Harley Quinn which has been renewed for season three on HBO Max. One of the main voices for the series has been lent by her. The original, sensational comedy hit series on HBO Max The Flight Attendant earned nine Emmy nominations. Kaley won the Outstanding Lead Actress for the same. The production company has been investing in future projects, including America’s Sweetheart and a Doris Day miniseries.

5 . Spends: Equestrian ($ 40,000)

The fact that the gorgeous actress has a weak spot for horses is not unknown. Her former billionaire husband, Karl Cook, is a professional equestrian, and the couple has invested in purchasing a mini horse named Shmoosy. They haven’t stopped there. A solid stable with plenty of other breeds of horses, bunnies, dogs, and other exotic animals has been housed.

4 . Earns: Endorsements ($2 Million)

Being a celebrity has its perks; work rolled in from high-end brands. After signing up as a brand ambassador for brands like Priceline and Toyota, she earned $ 2 million each. Numerous TV ads have been lined up with Starbucks, Marshalls, and Smirnoff.

3 . Spends: Luxurious Automobile Collection ($ 4670,000)

In 2104 she invested in a sleek Mercedez Benz SLS convertible. The stylish actress loved to flaunt her supercar for yoga sessions. While earning $ 1 million per episode for the hilarious role in the Big Bang Theory, this purchase wasn’t a dent in her pocket. According to AutoBizz other chic automobiles in her collection include the Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sport, and Toyota RAV 4.

2 . Earns: Royalties ($ 10 Million )

While filming the finishing seasons of the Big Bang Theory, Kaley negotiated a deal where she would own 1% of the show’s backend equity. In the first year of syndication sales, the sitcom was worth $1 billion. That means her earnings soared to $10 million in the first year. Syndication sales slowly declined, but the earnings are expected to be approximately $10 million per year for the coming decade.

1 . Spends: Vacations ($ 10 Million)


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Being an avid traveler, Kaley loves beach vacations and also sunset Safari. The next on her bucket list is Iceland and South Africa. Being able to spend luxuriously on romantic destinations and experiencing new cultures is her go-to list. The successful actress and producer have been minting millions since 2007. With everything going for her, she will be topping the highest-paid performer list on Forbes again.






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