Megan Fox Shares Shocking Details About Her Outfit Designed To Have S*x Easily

They did it again! Megan Fox recently took to her social media to make a shocking revelation about her and her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly. The pair cut a hole in a jumpsuit so they could conveniently have S*x whenever they liked. After all, that’s what this screenshoτ of a chat between Megan Fox and her stylist suggests. The Transformers star shared the texts with her Instagram followers. The carousel of images consisted of Megan Fox posing for a photoshoot with and without Machine Gun Kelly. One picture was the two of them at some sort of a concert venue with a huge number of people. And another photoshoot, that revealed the outfit in question. Check it out below:

In the series of images that sees Megan Fox striking a pose amongst a crowd of people, she makes a personal remark in the caption. It says, “An introvert in Vegas for three days during eclipse season…just SO much crying in the shower.” There is no point pondering on the fact because it’s true that everyone has their own tolerance level when it comes to social interaction. And some introverts simply bear the weight of spending time with people and allowing the world a glimpse of their personal lives.

Oddly Accessible Jumpsuit Design

Returning to the outfit, the blue jumpsuit that Megan Fox is wearing does not come with a tagged designer name. But the stylist for the sizzling look is Maeve Reilly. Taking a look at Reilly’s own Instagram account, we can see that the artist has worked with Fox plenty of times. Which is why the screenshots seem to have some truth in them. In their conversation, Megan Fox asked Reilly if the jumpsuit was expensive. Supposedly, the star of the upcoming The Expendables 4 is more of the “ask forgiveness, not permission” type. But Reilly is a savior because she is confident in her ability to repair the jumpsuit.

This episode with the jumpsuit is clearly one of the many events in a series of “shocking” statements and/or images by Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. For instance, earlier, there was this GQ cover shoot in which Fox holds a gun pointing at Kelly’s crotch. Megan Fox shared the picture on her Instagram with a caption describing the popular musician and the star of many films as “outcasts” in a relationship full of “feverish obsession” “shamans” and “organic smoothies.”

Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are An Eccentric Couple

In several interviews, Megan Fox has also casually dropped the fact that she and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood. In fact, the star has felt the need to specify that they are not drinking out of goblets, Game of Thrones-style. But instead, just a few drops for ritualistic purposes.






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