6 Amazing Facts that Prove Gorgeous Mila Kunis Deserved to get Mother of The Year Award!!!

Mila Kunis has been everywhere this year with her new movie A Bad Moms Christmas and her job as a spokesperson for Jim Beam. This is especially impressive since she has two adorable kids at home, Wyatt, 3, and Dimitri, 1. But despite all of Mila’s career success in 2017, she has been an even bigger influence in the parenting world. Whether she was gushing about Ashton Kutcher, the father of her children, or explaining why she won’t buy Christmas gifts this year, Mila delivered big time. Scroll down to see her best moments as a parent in 2017.

1. When she admitted to being tired just like the rest of us.

2. When she and Ashton made sure their kids weren’t in the public eye.

3. When she got her son the most incredible shirt ever.

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4. When she got real about why she’s not getting her kids Christmas presents.

5. When she made sure Ashton knew who was really in charge.

6. When she wasn’t shy about saying how awesome her husband is.







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