Megan Fox Claps Back At Haters Over S*xual AI-Generated Art

Megan Fox shared AI art on Instagram, leading to an exchange with one commenter. Actress Megan Fox has been a public figure for decades now, and is known for getting a ton of backlash in the process. Most recently, she’s been in H๏τ water of her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, and the unorthodox way they show love. But she’s not one to simply stay quiet in the wake of criticism, and Fox recently clapped back at haters over S*xual AI-generated art.

Over the last two weeks, there’s been a trend on social media where folks are using an app that creates AI-generated art with your appearance. Even celebs have gotten in on the fun, including Megan Fox herself. She posted the results on her personal Instagram account and cheekily wondered if anyone else’s art is super S*xual in nature.

Megan Fox looks fantastic in these images, known for making even us non-celebs into epic fantasy art. She shared eight different pictures of AI-generated art, which came to us from a company called Lensa AI. And while Megan Fox observed that her pH๏τos looked pretty S*xual, eventually, she had to clap back against a hater online.

Given how often people online weigh in on Megan Fox’s appearance and behavior, she’s been known to fire back at folks who try to come for her in the comments section. This happened related to her AI-art; one person claimed that she already S*xualizes herself regularly, taking umbrage with her being surprised/ blaming the app. She responded frankly to that lucky individual, posting:

This response quickly went viral, even being picked up by the Instagram account named Comments by Celebs. Megan Fox might be an over the top personality, but she’s clearly not willing to take crap from anonymous folks online. And in this case, she seems offended that folks would think she was serious in her original post’s caption.






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