Megan Fox sparks rumors she got her breast implants redone

Megan Fox fans speculate that she had her breast implants redone after new photos emerged from Beyoncé’s 41st birthday. In the snaps, the actress, 36, rocked a sparkly silver bra top that showed off her ample cleavage. Several social media users noted that the top appeared to highlight her seemingly enhanced chest, writing things like, “New b**bs ? 👀” and “Did…. did she get her tits done??? 😍🔥.”

Dana Omari, who frequently posts about celebrity cosmetic surgery transformations on her @igfamousbydana account, claimed she received “almost 100 messages” inquiring about Fox after the actress shared the pics via Instagram late Sunday. “Around June of this year, I noticed they were much larger … but the Beyoncé party pics (sparkly bra top) REALLY showed off the change. This is definitely a revision,” Omari alleged in a post shared Monday.

“She had small implants way back in the day. Around the time she started dating MGK [Machine Gun Kelly] I noticed a change in them. I can’t know for sure if it’s not weight gain, I think it might be? But it’s also highly possible it’s a revision.” Fans continued to share similar remarks in the comments section of Fox’s post. “Did she have a b**b job,” one follower asked, while another suggested that her chest looked “rock hard” and that she should “get her money back.” A third fan even joked that she wanted to “fist bump” Fox’s surgeon because her “тιтties look brand new and delicious.”






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