One Sheldon Scene in Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons Really Struggled With

Throughout The Big Bang Theory’s twelve seasons we watched the lives of these very nerdy but lovable characters change drastically. Maybe none more so than Sheldon Cooper, whose obsessive strict nature often prevented him from agreeing to any small changes in the beginning. Therefore, during a later season’s scene which required Sheldon to adjust quickly to change, actor Jim Parsons felt this was very out of character for the series. Naming it as one of his biggest conflicts with the writing during his time on the show.

The change Jim Parsons just couldn’t come to peace with

During season ten, the show finally sees Sheldon take his relationship with Amy to the next level by moving in together. In the episode titled ‘The Cohabitation Experimentation’, Amy is forced to temporarily move out of her apartment after a pipe leak.

As a trial, she suggests her and Sheldon test living together as a couple in Penny’s apartment. Sheldon agrees and the experiment sees the adjustment of the pair cohabiting together over the next few episodes. The arc comes to an end after Sheldon eventually admits he wants to live with Amy. Following a short struggle with the decision to leave his old room, he ultimately settles on staying with his girlfriend in what was Penny’s place.

Although the writers felt it was the correct development for the two to move in together, Parsons has now admitted he never felt how it was handled was true to Sheldon’s character.

Leaving his old apartment was “out of whack!”

In an open discussion about his character and time on the show, Parsons admitted the moment Sheldon left the apartment was one that he was the most out of sorts with. Although he agreed with the showrunners to include the development of Amy’s and Sheldon’s relationship by living together, the way in which Sheldon accepted it so easily seemed unlike the character he had grown so familiar with.

During the episode, when Amy suggests the experiment to Sheldon, his character even disputes the idea initially himself. Stating how historically he “doesn’t do well with change”.

It is clear even to the character that this is something he is unlikely to handle well. Unfortunately for Parsons, there was little he could do to convince Chuck Lorre and the producers otherwise. Disclosing that at the time he had to ignore his feelings and chose simply not to think about it.

Reflecting on the moment now, Parsons offers up some alternative ways in which the scene could have been depicted. Thinking at the very least, it should have been a two-part episode involving Sheldon “tying himself to the kitchen island and refusing to leave”.

Overall, Parsons wasn’t totally unhappy with the result. Even admitting he liked Penny’s old apartment because it was cute. Considering things worked out so well for the odd science couple at the end of the series, this minor blip in an otherwise strong story for both characters ultimately turned out pretty well.






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