Young Sheldon Shows A Big Missed TBBT Opportunity With Missy

A missed storytelling opportunity for Missy on The Big Bang Theory is highlighted by Young Sheldon season 6. Sheldon Cooper’s sister only appeared twice on The Big Bang Theory, but Missy Cooper still made a significant impression despite her minimal involvement. This helped Young Sheldon craft a sibling who is equally, if not more, interesting than Sheldon himself, with Missy exuding wit, humor, and charm. While Young Sheldon has panned out great for Missy given her popularity on the prequel, season 6 proves The Big Bang Theory failed to capitalize on a fun potential narrative for the only Cooper daughter.

On multiple occasions, Young Sheldon proves that Missy is actually the odd Cooper sibling, not Sheldon. That is not necessarily a bad thing, since Missy possesses unique qualities that her brothers lack, such as street smarts and emotional maturity. Sadly, the best Missy story in Young Sheldon is happening off-screen, as the prequel continues to underutilize Missy by relegating her to a supporting character rather than giving her a compelling arc – a mistake The Big Bang Theory also committed by barely featuring her at all.

The Big Bang Theory Would Have Been Better With More Missy & Amy

Missy shares a great relationship with Sheldon, providing him with emotional support when he feels lost and overwhelmed. Usually, however, Missy pokes fun at her brother, which is exactly what happens in the Young Sheldon season 6 fall finale. Sheldon continues to be indifferent to the possibility that his grant database can financially secure his future. Mary argues it could be good for his wife and children, but Sheldon claims he doesn’t see that happening, and his sister agrees. Considering Missy’s belief in the Young Sheldon season 6 fall finale that Sheldon will never marry, The Big Bang Theory missed the opportunity for a great narrative about Missy meeting Amy.

When Missy and Amy were first introduced, there was barely any excitement shown from Missy’s side; instead, The Big Bang Theory’s focus was on Amy, who felt ecstatic about having a sister-in-law. Given how Missy was once convinced her brother would end up alone for the rest of his life, not to mention knowing full well how difficult Sheldon can be, she should have at least made a comment about Amy marrying him being nothing short of a miracle. The Big Bang Theory might have even shown Missy regretting that she doubted Sheldon would find love. Sadly, The Big Bang Theory failed to take advantage of that narrative chance.

Why Missy Was Barely On The Big Bang Theory

CBS had little idea that Missy would become so popular on Young Sheldon, and this explains why Missy was barely in The Big Bang Theory. Additionally, The Big Bang Theory gave precious little indication initially that Sheldon and Missy were close as brother and sister, creating the sense of a more distant relationship. Only with Young Sheldon does their bond really come to the fore, which helps to explain why Missy and Sheldon have so little contact during The Big Bang Theory’s timeline.

Although she was one of the first members of the Cooper family to visit Sheldon in Pasadena, it took Missy a full decade to make another trip. By then, Young Sheldon was already gaining popularity, which could have prompted CBS to utilize the older versions of the Coopers more in The Big Bang Theory. Considering how late this was in The Big Bang Theory’s run, however, incorporating Missy and the rest of her family into the tail end of the original show’s storytelling was already difficult.






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