Jennifer Aniston had a tattoo once Fans were really amazed to see!!

When she was in a relationship with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston practically morphed into her handsome partner. And she was already showed signs of adopting new boyfriend Justin Theroux’s edgy style – by getting her first tattoo.

The 53-year-old actress has been sporting an inking on the inside of her right foot in New York over the past couple of days.
It was barely discernible under the sky-scraping Michael Kors peanut leather stilettos she donned in the city today, but there nonetheless.

The tattoo was more visible when the actress was wearing sandals the previous day.

And Jennifer’s representative has confirmed to Life & Style that the star has indeed taken the plunge

A tattoo of any sort, in fact, seems quite incongruous to her classic style and was more associated with Angelina Jolie.
But her boyfriend was heavily tattooed, one of his tattoos reads ‘Odi et Amo,’ which translates to ‘I hate and I love.’

The couple were spotted standing side-by-side as they made their way out of the Pace University in New York, where the actress’ appearance on the show was being filmed.

Theroux’s appearance was certainly more scruffy compared to his new ladylove as he continued to sport his beard and favourite leather motorcycle jacket. They have been spotted on dates at various Hollywood haunts, but have largely avoided being photographed together.






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