Millie Bobby Brown’s 7 Tattoos, Including Her ‘Stranger Things’ 11 Ink: Everything To Know

Millie Bobby Brown has quite the impressive Hollywood resume for such a young actress. The British actress, born Feb. 19, 2004, became a household name with the Netflix hit Stranger Things and has since added a few huge blockbuster movies to the list such as Godzilla Vs. Kong, Enola Holmes and the upcoming The Girls I’ve Been.

For being such a newbie in Tinseltown and well…life, Millie also has an impressive collection of tattoos. “I have 7 tattoos,” she revealed in a video interview for Wired. “I have one on my back of flowers, one on my ribs, one here [pointing to right thigh] and another one on my foot.” Although that only adds up to five tattoos in our math, it is still a robust number.

Perhaps all her “adulting” — what with a huge career and myriad of body art — comes from her “maturity.” “I always knew that I was mature, and I couldn’t really help that,” she told Allure in 2022. Whatever the reason, let’s take a deeper dive into Millie’s tattoos, below.

Grandmother Ruth

The young star debuted a new ribcage tattoo at the Enola Holmes 2 premiere in October 2022. Rocking a gorgeous pink gown by Louis Vuitton, Millie showed off the name “Ruth” along her right ribcage. It is thought to be a tribute to her late grandmother, Ruth, who passed away in 2020 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease, according to Glamour. “Alzheimer’s is evil. Its cruel. Taking away someone’s ability to remember memories and then how to function like a human being,” Millie wrote on her Instagram at the time. “It’s so hard to sit there and watch.”

She also revealed her grandmother had a case of Covid-19 around the time of her passing. “I couldn’t come home to give u one last snuggle because of Covid-19 so FaceTime was all that we had,” Millie wrote on her social media. “I sang to you as much as my voice could take it, even when u were sleeping. These are memories ill never forget.”

‘Stranger Things’ Tribute

Millie Bobby Brown had “011” tattooed on her wrist in tribute to her ‘Stranger Things’ character. (Everett Collection)
Millie is mostly known for playing the protagonist 11 on Stranger Things. It appears she understood how important the role was for her Hollywood standing and decided to immortalize it with body ink! The young star got “011” tattooed on her wrist, just like her character, who was branded by a secret government network.


Millie Bobby Brown sports a small heart tattoo on her collar bone. (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)
While it may be hard to spot on the red carpet, Millie’s tiny heart tattoo on her collarbone is quite unforgettable. Even the tattoo artists thinks so. “Big shout to this absolutely incredible young woman @milliebobbybrown Sporting my very hard and detailed design at the awards 😅..,” joked the owner of @sketchreppinink on Instagram, as seen here.



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It’s not as hard to miss Millie’s gorgeous rose tattoo on her back. The intricate design sits on her left side just below her shoulders. In a way-too-cute post, Millie’s boyfriend Jake Bonjiovi shared snaps of the actress in a hot tub to his Instagram (above), where the rose was prominently displayed.






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