Jennifer Lopez’s Epic Style Prompted Friends to Nickname Her ‘Bronx Barbie’

Jennifer Lopez has long been a style icon. First there were her gold hoops, then that iconic Grammys dress, and now, a clothing line, a shoe line and a parade of chic looks whether she’s filming her new show, World of Dance or just out and about grabbing dinner with Alex Rodriguez. And instead of trying to find one, cohesive style that encapsulates all the different things she likes, the star says in the June/July issue of StyleWatch that she just leans into dressing according to who she feels like being on any given day.

“People always joke that they get to be around six different Jennifers all the time,” she says in the new issue, on newsstands now. “They call it Barbie — there’s Bronx Barbie when I’m doing my music stuff, or Business Mogul Jennifer when I’m all dressed up.”

Ultimately, there’s a time and place for everything she likes. “It just depends on what I’m doing,” says the star, 47, who works with stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn on her looks. “I dress to how I feel in the moment — my style is an expression of who I am that day, and it changes every day.”
That versatility is always rooted in one thing, though: Exactly what she likes. “I have a core of what I like and who I am,” says Lopez. “I like classy, but I like it to be sexy, and I like to feel confident. I have a little bit of Bronx in me, but I also have a lot of couture in me, too. I love the classics. It’s just a mix of everything I’ve been exposed to throughout the years.”

And the star has been exposed to a lot. She’s a clothing designer, an actress, a singer, a producer, a mom — but before all of that, she was a dancer, and that’s why she’s so excited about World of Dance. “I started as a dancer, and I understand what it means to struggle as a dancer,” she says. “It’s all about letting dancers be the stars of the show, and giving them an amazing opportunity. I think they’re the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry — people don’t understand how much hard work, disciple, and passion go into it.”
Since she understands the trials firsthand she wanted to shine a spotlight on it. “Dancing informs everything I do in my life, and I’m so grateful to call myself a dancer,” she says.

So grateful, in fact, that when she’s not dancing during her work day in her Las Vegas residency or at a shoot, she keeps it up in her personal life too. “I work out with Tracy Anderson, which is a mix of dance and heat and all that kind of thing,” she says. “I also like to workout with Gunnar Peterson and David Kirsch, so I can get my circuit training in. I don’t like to get stuck on one thing.”






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