Alexandra Daddario and her chiselled AF abs in this video are 🥵

Alexandra Daddario can rock any look, a fact only reinforced by her latest Aerie campaign. The White Lotus actress dropped a new Instagram ad in partnership with Aerie, and our brown-haired, blue-eyed beauty is stunning in all of the new looks!

In the video, Alexandra flaunts her strong core and impeccable style in a fashion montage worthy of Cher Horowitz. First, we see her rocking her PJs, and then with the snap of a finger, she’s wearing a salmon cropped top and tan baggy cargo pants that show off her incredible toned stomach and arms.

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With the snap of a finger, she changes into her best Kim Possible cosplay, giving us green army print undies and a matching sports bra with more cargo pants. Then she lands on my favourite look of the bunch — a biker short and sports bra combo with an oversized denim jacket. ‘Obsessing over the new SMOOTHEZ by @Aerie collection. I feel SOOO comfortable and cute! This really is *you* wear. #AerieREAL #AeriePartner,’ she wrote beneath the video.

Alexandra’s comments were filled with praise for the star in what is truly an adorable ad. ‘Wow 😍 Wonderful ❤️❤️,’ wrote one person. Another follower wrote, ‘Love it.😀 Great job, Alex.👏’ A rare wholesome moment on the internet!!! Alex attributes her strong core and sculpted arms and legs to her intense yoga practice, and lucky for her IG fan base, she has shared some of her favourite poses.

She captioned the video ‘earning peace’ which is fitting, as Alex told Self that her yoga practice helps ease her anxiety, and improves her mental health and sleep. Her workout habits changed back in 2017, before she began filming Baywatch. To prep for the role, Alex started adding some weights into her routine.

‘I started doing weight training, which I had never done before, and I saw a huge difference,’ she told Women’s Health US. ‘It was kind of amazing, the transformation I went through.’ This helped her build definition and muscle mass. She hasn’t shared much about her current workouts these days, but chances are it includes a lot of strength training to get that core so strong. As for her diet, Alex definitely eats with support for a strong body in mind. She likes a simple healthy dish like eggs-in-a-hole for breakfast and salmon with broccolini and quinoa for dinner, Delish reported.







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