After Harry Potter, Rupert Grint Considered Leaving Acting to Sell Ice Cream

Rupert Grint considered quitting acting and becoming an ice cream vendor after the Harry Potter film series ended in 2011. Grint is most remembered for his role as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, in which he played Harry Potter’s best friend. Grint start his professional acting debut in the film at eleven. For the next eleven years, Grint remained in the role. He also appeared in several other films. During this time, shows like Thunderpants and Driving Lessons were popular. Grint’s most recent appearance was in Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. He reconnected with his old co-stars to reminisce about their time working on the multibillion-dollar film franchise.

In Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Grint reprised his role as Ron Weasley for the final time. After that, he appeared in a variety of films and television shows. The ABC Murders, Cross of Honour, and Postman Pat: The Movie are just a handful of the World War II films that have been made. Grint has also been in the fourth season of Servant, a psychological horror show that has been revived for a fifth season. In Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, he also appears in a Netflix anthology series. Daniel Radcliffe with Emma Watson, his former Harry Potter co-stars. Since leaving Harry Potter, Grint has pursued a wide range of careers. He has long list of notable roles under his belt and has become a versatile performer.

On the other hand, Grint was on the verge of abandoning his acting career and embarking on a new one. In the interview with the New York Times, he expressed concern that after ten years playing Ron, he wouldn’t be able to portray anything else and wouldn’t “make it as an adult actor.” Grint bought an ice cream truck as a result and briefly considered “making a success of it,” but he returned to acting a year later. Take a look at the following section of this post for further information:

Mr. Grint was worried that after the “Harry Potter” films ended, he wouldn’t be able to act like an adult. He had a knack for portraying Ron, Harry’s bold and jittery pal. He claimed it was not too late to choose something different because he didn’t know whether he could play anyone else. The package included a pink and white ice cream van. He drove the van back to his family’s home north of London on his final day of shooting. He could do that, I thought briefly. He attempted acting again after taking a year off. His bosses had sent him a lot of “Potter”-related stuff. Instead, he kept looking for edgier, mature work. He was thrilled after seeing a Jez Butterworth play, and he starred in “Snatch,” a crime thriller on Crackle.

Grint has already spoken about the crushing strain of making the Harry Potter films. Even though he enjoyed being a part of the show, his query about if it was “too late to pick something else” indicates that he planned to take a break from acting once the show ended. On the other hand, Grint hasn’t explained why he considered selling ice cream instead or even purchasing an ice cream truck.
Fans of Harry Potter would enjoy this surprise revelation, even if it is a touch exaggerated if Grint had continued to work as an ice cream man. He could likely have leveraged his ties to the wizarding realm to help market the company. Many people would be relieved if he decided to keep acting because it demonstrates that his fans still adore him as an actor.






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