Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before And After Revealed!

Moving down her body, people wonder about Megan Fox’s chest. Did Megan Fox get an Oops job? Some internet fans proclaim that Megan’s Oops are too round, too big, or too perfect to be real. They suspect Megan go Oops implants. Let’s explore whether she has fake Oops or the real deal. When Megan Fox starred as Prudence in the television series, Two and a Half Men back in 2004, she already had large Oops at 18 years old. As you can see in the before photo, Megan’s bra size is a 34C, with a C cup size.

In the after photo from 2018, Megan’s Oops size is unchanged. She’s got some normal age and mom related loss of lift going on, so that is consistent with Megan having real Oops. If she did have Oops implants, her Oops appearance would have likely retained its perkiness. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence to assert fake Oops. Let’s continue the investigation.

Some fans have pointed to a screen capture from 2008 when Megan starred in a movie, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People as proof of Megan’s Oops augmentation surgery, shown in the before photo below. We tend to chalk this up to a combination of bad posture, bad camera angle, and bad wardrobe teaming up to give the illusion of smaller A cup or B cup Oops. If you compare that with the after photo from 2018, you can see that even now Megan’s chest can look flatter depending on these environmental factors. Also if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll see that in the full clip Megan Fox tits do appear larger than in this one snapshot.

Let’s keep looking. In her before bikini photo, Megan’s Oops are wide-set, defined as being three or more finger’s widths apart at the sternum. Now, her Oops are the same size, but seemingly closer together. This more likely to have been caused by child bearing rather than Oops enhancement surgery. A side note, you can see the difference in her Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her forearm, which she is in the process of removing. Earlier in her career, Megan Fox’s chest was full and athletic. The shape and outline of Megan’s nipples and areolas are visible through this near nude supergirl shirt in this before photo. There may have been some photoshop enhancements here however.

Megan Fox

Plastic surgery or not, you can’t deny Megan Fox is a force to be reckoned with. In 2016 Megan Fox partnered with Frederick’s of Hollywood to create a Megan Fox collection. In 2018, the Megan Fox Collection became available in Forever 21 stores. Follow Megan Fox on Instagram for more updates.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Results

So we have confirmed a few of Megan Fox’s plastic surgery rumors involving her face. The quality of the procedures she is getting has gotten much better, and Megan has developed into an elegant, more mature version of herself. Yes, you can see the changes in her face over time, but her body is a different story.








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