The 8 Strangest Things Megan Fox Said In Her Esquire Interview

If you haven’t checked out Megan Fox’s latest Esquire interview, it’s one of the most things we’ve ever read. Throughout the piece, Fox is compared to buffalos, describes her love of the Book of Revelation, and shares about speaking in tongues at a young age.

The entire thing sounds transcendent, like something out of a sci-fi movie.

We’ve gathered some of the weirdest bits from the interview.

In case you were confused, Fox is not an ancient Aztec, but her life is similar to that of an human sacrifice.

Fox is the last bombshell ever … and because of that can be compared to buffalo.

Fox is preparing for the end of days … and is completely comfortable with the Antichrist (who she mentions once throughout the interview).

She has the most perfect, symmetrical face of anyone. Ever.

And, then there are the weird descriptions of Fox’s body:







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