Young Sheldon’s Missy & Paige Actors Are All Grown-Up In New Image

Raegan Revord and Mckenna Grace reunite outside their Young Sheldon characters Missy and Paige in a new image. The Big Bang Theory spin-off expands on what was previously revealed about Sheldon’s childhood on the nerd-centric sitcom. While he remains the show’s titular character, a big part of Young Sheldon’s storytelling focuses on the rest of the Coopers and everyone else they consistently interact with. Early in its run, the family comedy introduced Paige, Sheldon’s fellow child prodigy and unofficial rival, who eventually struck up a friendship with Missy.

However, Young Sheldon hasn’t focused much on Missy and Paige’s relationship recently. Even when Paige returned for Young Sheldon’s 100th episode, she didn’t get to interact with Sheldon’s sister. Despite this, Revord and Grace prove they continue to be good friends off-screen as they posed for an adorable photo shared on Revord’s Instagram page. Check out the image below:


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Young Sheldon Already Confirmed Paige’s Return

Paige’s last appearance on Young Sheldon was back in season 5. She finds herself reuniting with Sheldon at East Texas Tech where she learns that he’s thriving in college. This further discourages her to move forward with her own academic journey. After struggling to find her place at the University of Texas, Paige ultimately drops out of school and runs away from home. Unsure how to be of assistance to Paige, Sheldon asks Missy and Mary for help, but by the time they get to East Texas Tech, Paige is already gone. Luckily, they eventually find out that Paige came back home, although there is no mention of any attempt to address her issues.

The good thing is, CBS isn’t going to leave this mystery hanging for too long. Paige is confirmed to return on Young Sheldon after she was spotted on the show’s set with lead Iain Armitage. It’s difficult to gauge where her personal arc is going because of the image’s lack of context, but the fact that she is back on Young Sheldon indicates that her story will be furthered in some way. In any case, it’s always great to see her interact with Sheldon. Hopefully, this time, the family comedy finds a way for Paige to also reunite with her old friend Missy.

As Young Sheldon diversifies its storytelling, it’s time for the show to also put ample focus on Missy. Sheldon’s sister was barely on The Big Bang Theory — something that Revord is thankful for because she has been able to make the character her own. But considering how popular Sheldon’s sister is, the show continues to underutilize her, which is a shame. Perhaps the series can provide her with a compelling storyline alongside Paige as Young Sheldon season 6 continues.







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