Rupert Grint cuts a smart figure in navy-trousers and a green sweater!!

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, Rupert Grint shot sequences for the fourth season of Apple TV+’s Servant.
While filming, the 33-year-old actor looked noticeably different, wearing navy pants and a purple checkered shirt over a green jumper.

He finished off his sharp ensemble with a pair of classy black shoes, and between takes, he wore a face mask wrapped around his chin.

In addition to wearing a gold signet ring, Rupert, who plays Julian Pearce in the thriller series, had a can of soda, a phone, and an electronic cigarette in one hand.
He appeared in images straining to get party balloons out of his car while sporting softly disheveled rouge hair and a well-groomed mustache.

The Harry Potter actor was also spotted using a handheld fan to cool off in the sweltering heat. He held the fan close to the back of his neck.

Later in the day, as he approached a poorly lit front door wearing an olive green raincoat, Rupert was observed filming rainy evening scenes for the Apple TV+ series.

While filming takes, he was joined by actress Nell Tiger Free, who plays Leanne Grayson.N ell, opted to dress somberly during filming by donning a black raincoat with a hood.

Rupert portrays Julian Pearce in Servant, the brother of a TV journalist who tragically loses her 13-week-old son. In light of his impending fatherhood in 2020, the celebrity recently acknowledged that the “amount of loss is incomprehensible.”

In November of that same year, Rupert posted a precious photo of his newborn daughter Wednesday to his Instagram profile. Rupert and Georgia had their daughter Wednesday back in 2020.






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