The perfect relationship doesn’t exist: Jennifer Aniston learns to compromise

Jennifer Aniston has a spring in her step as she walks – practically skips – into the room. Her sunny disposition reflects the holiday atmosphere outside the Santa Monica beach-side hotel, where the promenade is crowded with joggers, skateboarders and cyclists. She’s hardly wearing any make-up, just lip gloss, and is positively glowing, the picture of sophistication in a black Roland Mouret sheath dress and towering striped platform shoes. Jen’s appeal lies in that girl-next-door quality she embodies so thoroughly. More than any other A-list actress, she makes you feel you know her. You can imagine chatting with her over a bottle of wine on a girls’ night out.

Born in Los Angeles, Jennifer was five years old when the Aniston family moved to Greece. ‘We lived in Athens, then on an old farm in Crete, which is where Dad’s side of the family is from. You had to put your shoes on to go to the bathroom because it was outside! ‘I went back there ten years ago and I must go back again – it’s gorgeous and the people are lovely.’ Two years later the family returned to the States and settled in New York, where she went on to win a place at the city’s prestigious High School of Performing Arts.

Jennifer is happy to talk at length about her pets, but she will not divulge much about her personal life. She has been more open in the past, but these days she is far more reticent. The increased intrusion of the paparazzi – tracking her every move with telephoto lenses – has made her wary of giving away too much. ‘I’m still baffled as to why people are so interested in my life. It’s so weird – even my dog Norman gets recognised.’ She smiles. ‘I’m cutting him off – I’ve told him, no more Oprah appearances!’








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