18-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Earns Millions for ‘Enola Holmes 2′ Against Zendaya, Sandra Bullock, and Lady Gaga

Millie Bobby Brown was catapulted to global fame at the age when kids normally go to school and make friends. But this talented young girl had bigger dreams from the initial years of her life. Soon after getting her big break in the smash hit series Stranger Things, she amassed a huge fandom. And today, she wears the crown of a super teen who is always ahead of the curve, whether it’s fashion or acting.

It is astounding to see how the magnitude of her success never affected her personality. She used her platform to encourage millions to work towards a fair society after she joined UNICEF. The actress is a role model for millions of her fans and influence youngsters to achieve their goals. At only 18, she is brushing shoulders against Hollywood icons like Zendaya, Sandra Bullock, and Lady Gaga.

Millie Bobby Brown makes history at a young age tells her large salary

In a recent tweet shared by BCharts, it was revealed that Millie Bobby Brown has already achieved commercial success equal to iconic Hollywood actresses. The young superstar takes third place among the top-paid female artist this year that includes Margot Robbie, Lady Gaga, Sandra Bullock, and Zendaya.

According to the reports, she has been paid $10 Million for her successful Netflix film Enola Holmes 2. While Robbie has received $12.5 Million for the highly anticipated film Barbie. Moreover, Gaga, Bullock, and Zendaya have earned $10 Million for their respective films.

It is certainly a staggering achievement the Godzilla star has made within a few years of her career. Therefore, the Emmy nominated actor is now tied with A-listers stars and commanding large paydays. Well, the credit goes to the mystery drama that earned a significant salary while marking her place in the industry.

After becoming the youngest UNICEF member and winner of Screen Actors Guild Award, she is making history for receiving the highest upfront salary for an actor under the age of 20.






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