“Consent is mandatory,” says an intimacy coach to Millie Bobby Brown, who previously advocated being professional about kissing while acting.

At a very young age, Millie Bobby Brown achieved so much. She is a talented actress and a brilliant businesswoman. As everyone is aware of her admiration for going live frequently on her social media handle, she is also fond of making TikTok videos. In one of her TikTok videos, the young actress talked about how she teased her co-star, Louis Partridge. She even used to punch him jokingly in his stomach. However, Partridge then asked Brown to just fake punch him.

Since the age of 8, Brown has been in the entertainment industry. She practically grew up while starring in the Netflix Original sci-fi supernatural drama, Stranger Things. Her association with Netflix continued as she starred in Enola Holmes films, too. The film landed on the streaming giant in October 2022 and the viewers loved it. They admired the mysterious actions along with the slow but steamy romance between Enola Holmes and Lord Tewkesbury. And the young actress revealed how she used to tease her co-star during intimate scenes.

Millie Bobby Brown surprised Louis Partridge by suddenly kissing him

Despite claiming to be professional previously, Brown unintentionally crossed a line per the intimacy coordinator, Jessica Steinrock. In one TikTok video, the British actress opened up about her kissing scenes with Louis Partridge. She admitted having suddenly grabbed his face and kissing him. This action of hers left Partridge surprised. But Jessica Steinrock called out the actress and said she shouldn’t have done it. “When we do spicy scenes, we love keeping light, having fun, but consent is mandatory,” said Steinrock in her own video.

She even confessed her admiration for Brown while pointing out the inappropriateness of the actions. Of course, the actors must have prepared for the scenes and had to create a rapport. However, never should they surprise their co-actors during fight scenes or intimate scenes. The reason is it wouldn’t come out the way it should have. The intimacy coach pointed out that Brown’s actions meant she didn’t ask for consent, which was extremely important.

In her video, the 18-year-old actress revealed she enjoyed Enola taking the lead. The experience was fun for the actress. However, the intimacy coach called her out because it crossed a crucial line. Well, what do you think about this? Share your take with us in the comments.






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