Even Jennifer Lopez Gets Beauty Tips from TikTok — See the Genius Lip-Enhancing Move She Now Swears By!!

In her episode of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets, the This Is Me…Then singer revealed the lip-lining tip she snagged from the app, which is known for its never-ending supply of beauty tricks. First, Lopez contours her lips with bronzer because “if you blend it right, it’ll cause just a tiny bit of a shadow that makes your lips look a bit poutier.”

Then, using her “fave” multi-use Make Up For Ever pencil (in the shade 600-Caffeine), Lopez marks the middle of her bottom and top lips before slightly overlining each, following the guidance she sourced online. “I’m obsessed,” she said of the brown hue.

The Halftime star finally glazes over the liner with two Universal Lip Luminizers from Fenty Beauty — a peachy shade and a light pink tint, which she swipes in the center of her lips. In the segment, the mom of two also touched upon her back-to-the-basics outlook on skin care. “I’ve always had a very simple skincare routine and JLo Beauty is very much about that. I always just was like, cleanser, a little bit of a cream, sunscreen — very basic,” she said while debunking rumors claiming she only used “expensive cleansers.”

What also gives her skin its radiance is her sleeping schedule. “One of my biggest beauty secrets is sleep. There’s a certain amount of hours before your face falls asleep and so it’s either under four or over seven — that’s my rule,” she shared. After touching up her glam with mascara on her lashes, Lopez teased, “I can do a five-minute version of this for you guys one day, but maybe I’ll save that for when I come out with my makeup line.”

“‘Beauty has no expiration date’ was always my personal mantra because I’m in a business where youth is glorified and people try to write, especially women, off at a certain time,” she shared. Some of her icons include Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Cher, who were all “beautiful and almost coming into their own at that time” in their 50s.


Wanting to universalize sexiness and confidence without the digits, Lopez added, “I believe you can look and feel amazing and sexy at any age. I really dislike the phrase, ‘You look good for 40, or you look good for 30, you look good for 50.’ How about you just ‘you look good?’






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