Millie Bobby Brown Jokingly Roasts Tom Holland During “Hot Ones” Interview

Over the years, First We Feast’s Hot Ones chicken wing challenge has become a staple in celebrity interviews. With a lineup of 10 hot sauces with varying levels of spice, celebs have to try each one while being interviewed by the show’s host, Sean Evans. The only catch? Each chicken wing progressively gets spicier over the course of the interview. Whether they skate through like Olivia Rodrigo or genuinely enjoy each hot sauce like Lorde (seriously — the “Solar Power” singer didn’t flinch once), it’s *super* entertaining to watch. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was the latest to take on the Hot Ones challenge, and our girl was incredibly determined to get through it with ease.

At first, the actress and producer started off strong. She even had the support of a guest appearance from her co-star and IRL bestie, Noah Schnapp. Millie started hyping herself up as she went through the first half of the challenge with ease — and jokingly roasted Spider-Man star Tom Holland along the way. “I’m not saying I’m not feeling it, but it’s not making me want to cry like Tom Holland,” she told Sean before asking the crew on set “Is that bad [that I said that]?”


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Tom took on the Hot Ones challenge back in December 2021 and started crying when the sauce got too spicy for his taste buds. However, it wasn’t long after Millie joked about Tom that things started to heat up during her interview. Upon trying Da’Bomb sauce with a Scoville level of 135,600 — a.k.a an incredibly spicy sauce — Millie started to crack and jokingly stuck up the middle finger to Sean while she fanned herself and drank a chocolate milkshake to cool down. At one point, she even starts to cry from the heat. “That’s not even normal,” Millie said of the sauce. “That like, made me want to stop breathing.”

As a little time passed by, she was still going through the aftermath of trying Da’Bomb and asked “When did Tom Holland cry at?” before Sean reassured her that the same sauce garnered a similar reaction from Tom. We don’t know if the British actors have an inside joke going on or if Millie is simply a big fan of Tom and the show, but we’ll be staying tuned to see if he reacts to her playful roast.






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