Alexandra Daddario, 36, shows off epic abs, Bikini legs IG Photo

Alexandra Daddario showed off her mega abs and sculpted, long legs in a ʙικιɴι while giving her Instagram followers a glimpse of her pre-Emmy swim. The 36-year-old actress enjoys acupuncture, yoga and weight training to keep her body active and healthy. Alexandra also loves her time outdoors and feels that nature helps her body heal faster. Alexandra Daddario causes a sensation with her current ʙικιɴι pH๏τo on Instagram. Perfecting the pencil jump, Alexandra flaunts her washboard abs and long, strong legs as she hops into a pool. Now that’s an action sH๏τ!

“Emmy weekend hop!!!” the 36-year-old actress captioned the post in preparation for the 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards. Alexandra is nominated for her work in Best Supporting Actress The White Lotus—and the winner will be announced tonight. The fans were keen to show their support: “You are definitely a winner!!! ????????,” said one. “Goddess ??,” commented another. A third follower simply expressed his feelings: “?????.” TRUE. When Alexandra isn’t working on the next best TV show or cooling off in the pool, she’s giving her body time to relax and heal. First of all, Alexandra loves acupuncture. After struggling with joint pain and stiffness in her shoulder, Alexandra was introduced to the practice of Chinese medicine at the age of 23. She has been going there regularly ever since, saying it helps her sleep and stress levels. “I’m obsessed,” she said women health.

This content is imported from the survey. You may find the same content in a different format or more information on their website. Alexandra also credits yoga with keeping her mind and body healthy. For the ultimate reset, she combines her acupuncture practice with a relaxing sweating session. “When I do them in a row, it’s almost like a computer restarts,” she said. As for her workout routine, Alexandra also enjoys weight training. She has worked with celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy since 2015.

Murphy and Alexandra focus on strengthening their back muscles for better posture by incorporating exercises like dumbbell rows, dynamic bridges and backward flyes. They’re also working on sculpting their ʙuттs (which is one of Alexandra’s fitness goals) with moves like clamshells, Bulgarian split squats, and walking lunges.

That Why women kill Star is adamant about her time outdoors. “I’ve found that when I’m in tune with myself and being out in nature, my body heals faster and is more responsive,” she said WH. No wonder she’s always ready to swim.









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