Millie Bobby Brown Felt Like a Potato, Know Why?

Millie Bobby Brown and the other cast members of Stranger Things, along with the other youngsters from the show, are no longer children. Even though the youngest among them was only 11 years old when the series started, all of them are now considered to be adults.

They are all in their late teens or have just reached the early stages of their 20s at this point. Millie was one of the people who reached the age of 18 this year and celebrated her birthday.

In a new episode of Entertainment Tonight, the actress is humiliated by being made to watch her very first interview, and her expressions throughout the segment are priceless.

A “potato” is what Millie Bobby Brown refers to as her fetus.

Millie Bobby Brown does not have the luxury that the rest of us have when it comes to hiding embarrassing images and videos from her youth. The crew at Entertainment Tonight provided her with a recording of her original interview with David Harbour in 2016, which they sent to her.

Without speaking a word, the actress stifled a groan. A young Millie is shown in the video interacting with her biological father, answering questions, and just having a good time while she still has her baby teeth.

At one point, Little Millie does not get the joke, and the older Millie is feeling quite awkward as a result. She retains her young voice and even manages to sound like herself when she was younger. It is unmistakable that she no longer speaks with the same accent as she did back then.

Even Noah Schnapp, who notes that you had a recognizable British accent, is taken aback by what he hears. Our Millie has not changed at all, except for the fact that she has grown taller and acquired an accent. She exudes a tremendous amount of buoyant excitement and exudes effervescence in her whole demeanor.






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