What Happened To Alice Amter After The Big Bang Theory?

One of the most popular characters in The Big Bang Theory was Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali, who was played by British actor Kunal Nayyar. Raj is an astrophysicist who works at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). He is originally from New Delhi, India, and is known for his shy and timid personality. He has difficulty talking to women, particularly when he is sober, but is able to communicate more easily when he has had a few drinks.

The character was based on a real person, according to co-creator Bill Prady, which likely helped to make him a lot more relatable. In one of his unique highlights in the series, Raj hooked up with Penny, a member of the friends circle who the story of the series revolved around. This was a decision that the producers are said to have instantly regretted, however.

By the end of the show, everyone else in that main circle of friends had a romantic partner, but Raj was kept single as a way to illustrate that “life was going to go on for [the] characters.” Appearing in a guest capacity as Raj’s mother over the course of the show was English actress Alice Amter. Here is what she has been up to since her final appearance in The Big Bang Theory.

Alice Amter Was A Teacher Before She Ventured Into An Acting Career

Despite her success as an actress, Alice Amter had a varied career path before breaking into the entertainment industry. She was born and originally raised in the Handsworth suburb of Birmingham City in the United Kingdom. She took her early education at Milverton Junior and Infant School in Leamington Spa.

Amter later received a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages and International Relations from the University of Wolverhampton. After completing her studies, she pursued a teaching career, and worked as a teacher for several years before deciding to pursue acting.

She revealed in a 2012 interview with Female First Magazine that acting had always been her first love. “I wanted to be an actress from childhood, and I remember when I was young people used to say that I looked like Sophia Loren, I had no idea who that was so I made a point of finding out and when I did, my jaw dropped,” Amter said.

Alice Amter Featured In Ten Episodes Of The Big Bang Theory

Alice Amter appeared as Mrs. Koothrappali in a total of ten episodes of The Big Bang Theory, over the course of eight seasons between 2007 and 2015. The character made her first appearance in the show in the Season 1 episode The Grasshopper Experiment.

In this episode, she tries to set Raj up with a suitable Indian woman for marriage. She is, however, disappointed when he tells her that he is not interested in settling down and starting a family at this time.

Amter continued featuring in more Big Bang episodes until Season 8, although most of the time she appeared in video conference calls. The actress had a great time working in the series, and she reserved special praise for creator Chuck Lorre.

“I love Chuck!!” she said in the Female First interview. “Had I known that I was auditioning for him — I had no idea who was in the room — I probably would have melted or something. But I am just thankful that I was selected.”

Alice Amter Continued Acting On Television After The Big Bang Theory

Alice Amter got her start as an actress in 1998, when she featured in two episodes of the TV show ER. The medium would go on to become her bread and butter in the industry, as it is where most of her roles have come. She did appear in movies like American Zombie, A Man Apart and The Good Girl, starring Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal and John C. Reilly.

Before she was cast in the role of Mrs. Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory, she also made appearances in the TV shows Strong Medicine and Judging Amy, among others. Following her time in the Chuck Lorre sitcom, she continued to appear in multiple other roles on the small screen.

Her very first TV cameo after Big Bang was in the Rosewood episode titled Paralytics and Priorities in 2016, where she played a character called Chitra Singh. In the same year, she also featured as Professor Lelah Moradi in the eighth episode of NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 8. Amter has also appeared in single episodes of Scandal, Sorry for Your Loss, Never Have I Ever and Mythic Quest. Her big screen credits include in the movies Smothered By Mothers and All for Her.







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