Jessica Alba stuns in silk lingerie and white cowboy hat in Flaunt cover story where she talks her early career

Jessica Alba looked stunning while gracing the cover of Flaunt in a story published on Thursday. The 41-year-old actress donned white lingerie with a large rose-styled fabric sitting in the center of her chest. She also had on Ben Bridge Jewelry.

Her lingerie ended high on her chest, and she added a a cowboy hat to her relaxed, barely-there outfit in photos taken by Jonny Marlow.

A huge pearl necklace from Ben Bridge wrapped around her slender neck, adding some glamour to her outfit. In the interview, Alba addressed a number of topics starting with her attitude early in her career.

‘I think a lot of the ways that I spoke in interviews when I was younger, I didn’t have a ton of self-awareness around how my words are going to be taken and misconstrued….I think a lot of my discontent wasn’t with Hollywood, I think it was me with myself,’ she explained.

She continued, ‘I think I was angry with myself. That I was compromising how I wanted to be treated. I didn’t stand up for myself, and I didn’t know how to. I only knew how to fight.’

She talked about how she had an ‘aggressive mindset’ early in her career saying she was probably trying to ‘defend myself against predators, being a young woman and knowing that people at any moment can take advantage of you.’

‘It doesn’t even matter that it’s Hollywood, it’s anywhere in society, but with the layer of Hollywood on top of that, it bred really toxic masculinity and toxic behavior. I think my defense to that was to get out in front of it and be more aggressive so that they wouldn’t even try.

‘I think that was me being disconnected from my feminine, and me feeling like I was compromising myself, and I think a lot of my interviews are reflective of that.’

Alba also reminisced on how angry she became when other people shared doubts about her future success. Despite being the right mentality for her at the time, Alba admitted that such an attitude no longer worked to her advantage.

‘Frankly, I don’t know if I want that to be in the space that women have to be in to be successful. We shouldn’t have to live in that state of feeling like we’re going into a bloody battle every day. It’s not cool.’

The Fantastic Four star then went into what radical change meant to her, saying, ‘I think it’s you doing it for yourself. If anybody believes in anything, the thing that you believe in will always be there for you. That is your truth and no one can take it from you.’

Alba talked about leaving the entertainment industry for a while, saying her business The Honest Company helped connect her to her ‘purpose.’

‘I was craving a deeper connection with myself and the world around me,’ she elaborated. ‘It took me three years to have this idea turn into a start-up company. It took another 10 years for it to turn into a legitimate business that is in the world.’

She noted that running a beauty products business brings with it its own problems including playing into the larger societal issues behind appearance.






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