1 Original Stranger Things Kid Should Join The Main Group In S5

Strangers Things season 5 could add another original kid to the main group with Holly Wheeler. The Duffer Brothers have stated that season 5 of the popular Netflix show will feature a time jump, so it is possible to see an older Holly entering the fray. Stranger Things has had a lot of past success with adding characters to the main group with characters like Robin, Max, and Eddie Munson. Holly Wheeler joining the gang would similarly inject some new life into the group.

Holly Wheeler’s involvement could mimic Erica Sinclair, Lucas’s sister in Stranger Things, whose role has increased as the seasons have progressed. She appeared in every season in some capacity but has been too young to make a significant impact. It is unknown how long the time jump will be, but with the main cast entering adulthood in real life, it seems necessary to add some youth to the ensemble.

Holly Should Get A Bigger Role In Stranger Things 5

The Wheeler family, specifically Nancy and Mike, have been at the center of all the action in Hawkins. Even Karen Wheeler had some significant screen time in Stranger Things season 3. Holly Wheeler has been just on the outside of important events. In the first season, she’s one of the first to discover the monster as she follows the Christmas lights into Will’s room and sees the monster trying to get through the wallpaper. Seasons later, she lets Max use her crayons to draw Vecna’s lair.

Depending on Stranger Things’ next jump, Holly could be old enough to start grasping what has been happening around her finally. The “earthquake” at the end of season 4 affected the whole town, so she will likely be brought into the fold whether she wants to or not.

Stranger Things Needs Younger Characters In Season 5

With most of the main cast turning 21 before the shooting of season 5, Stranger Things needs some younger characters. A significant time jump makes sense for the show to catch up with the ages of the main cast while younger characters like Holly Wheeler will reach a similar age to where her brother and his friends were when the show started. The show’s essence is built around youth, inspired by films like E.T. and The Goonies. Without that aspect, the show morphs into something else entirely.

While adding Holly to the main cast would inject some youth, it could add to a Stranger Things problem of having too many main characters. With a significant time jump, it is unlikely Max will still be in a coma, but it is unknown in what capacity she can help the group. It is possible that Holly could step up in Stranger Things season 5 if Max is indisposed for a decent portion of the episodes. Season 4 didn’t kill off as many characters as some projected, but that could change in the final season, leaving characters like Holly to fill in the gaps.







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