10 interesting things Kaley Cuoco ( Penny) did on The Big Bang Theory

People are unaware of many interesting things about Kaley Cuoco ( Penny ) from “The Big Bang Theory.”. Penny’s character arc is interesting because her priorities change quickly once she meets Leonard and Sheldon. Still, she didn’t give up on her character’s growth. Penny’s popularity as a cult sitcom heroine has also led to many opinions and theories about who she is, what happened to her in the past, and who she chooses to date. Fans post controversial thoughts and insights about her personality and habits on Reddit. This helps us learn more about who the honest Penny was and who she wanted to be.

10. Sheldon and Penny’s Kiss Was Hotter Than Amy & Sheldon’s


Penny and Sheldon’s relationship on TBBT was one of the best and broke a lot of stereotypes. Even though it happened in Leonard’s guilt-filled dream, it was awkward when the two shared a steamy kiss.

9. Raj Was A Better Choice For Penny


Fans have different opinions on how Penny and Leonard got together. Some people think Penny and Leonard were a great match because they gave each other things they wouldn’t have otherwise. The other half of the fandom thought Penny and Leonard didn’t belong together. They were so different that it didn’t make sense for them to be together.

8. A few fans liked Penny’s pregnancy storyline.


Most fans agreed that they didn’t like Penny’s last storyline, which was that she was pregnant. After hesitating about having kids for years, she finally decided she didn’t want them. Modern fans liked this take because there aren’t many women on TV who choose not to have kids. It feels good.

7. Penny’s Love for Wine bothered some fans.


Redditor hurricane4 says, “There were times when Penny could have been seen as very addicted.” The Redditor again says that the show has often made jokes about her relationship with alcohol, giving the impression that she “needed” alcohol to function.

6. Penny Never Cared About Leonard’s Interests


Elduro687 said that Penny and Bernadette making fun of their boyfriends’ love for nerd culture was a huge warning sign. The Redditor says, “I hate it when they make fun of them for liking this stuff and for having things like Leonard’s bat signal and Howard’s Tardis.”

5. Penny And Leonard’s Relationship Makes No Sense


WhiteWolfofRivia0914 says that Leonard only likes Penny because of how she looks. The Redditor says, “The only real reason Leonard likes Penny is that she is attractive and has sex with him.” So, when Penny says that Leonard is the only thing in her life she cares about, the Redditor thinks that’s a bit strange.

4. Penny Suffered From Self-Hate


SeraniumFilledClock says something that could be seen as controversial because it is so sad. When Penny moved to California, she had a few jobs that didn’t go well. The post says that her problems made her hate herself, which is why she made friends with “alien” people and tried to hurt herself by not being able to fit in.

3. Penny Was A Spy

This opinion by number theory is based on the idea that the government kept an eye on Leonard after he broke up with the North Korean spy Joyce Kim. The post says that Penny was a spy or CIA agent. The Redditor says, “If she were a struggling actress, she would want to make her paycheck go as far as possible, which would mean getting a roommate or two.”

2. She was not a popular kid.

Penny’s childhood memories make it sound like she was a popular kid with many friends, but this Redditor disagrees. The Redditor says, “She carefully checks out any newcomers and gets rid of anyone she thinks might become more popular than her.”

1. Leonard did better with Priya than with Penny.

Ameliapup43 writes on Reddit, “I think Leonard and Priya worked better together than Leonard and Penny ever did.” The Redditor thinks that Leonard and Priya worked better as a couple because they were more alike intellectually. However, this may not be true, given their relationship’s instability.







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